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    ESPN Big 12 2019-20 predictions:

    We've lost over 80% of our scoring in a tough conference. Most teams wouldn't be ranked in the top half of their conference if that happened to them. I'll take 5th in the Big XII. Still respectful and makes us an underdog in most conference games.
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    Steve Prohm Report Card thus far

    Losing Long killed our momentum. I'll give him an A-.
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    Prohm-an Legion

    So is his last name pronounced (Rh-ome)?
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    *** COACHING SEARCH THREAD: Monday, June 8 ***

    I'd say $600,000/$650,000 tops.
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    12 Hours Until Tip-Off!

    Go Cyclones!!!!!!!!!
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    Where does Sam Richardson rank in the Big 12?

    I picked 7th best. Just a guess, though.
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    Has a time been released yet?
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    March Madness vasectomy?

    If you made your dog go through with it, you should too.
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    Who really is Big XII Coach of the Year?

    This is one of Self's worst teams at Kansas and he goes out and outright wins the toughest conference in America.
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    2 Seed in K.C.

    Anyone got info on game times for Thursday?
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    2 Seed in K.C.

    So what seed will we be if we win tonight? 2?
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    What was your worst date?

    I googled that name and this is what came up.
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    This is so sweet!

    In Texas you can legally shoot someone for messing with your car.
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    Just a small contest (don't get excited)

    83-80 ISU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!