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    Pollard on Cyclone Club Level Changes

    I forgot to add that our cyclone athletics expense for next year will be equivalent to what we pay in property taxes.
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    Pollard on Cyclone Club Level Changes

    We're at the captains level and have season tickets for MBB and WBB, MBB for 25 years and WBB for around 20. Had football tickets for 22 years but gave them up due to weather and scheduling issues---never quite sure when the games would be played because of television commitments. Two ways to...
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    Twister Sister Summary - Defense is the cure to all ills

    What happened to Fritz? Will Espenmiller-McGraw play this season? Thanks.
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    Kansas to Big 10?

    Academic issues at self-proclaimed research institutions center on doctoral programs and research expenditures, not bachelor's degrees. In the most recent reporting year, Mississippi State awarded 160 research Ph.D's; Wisconisn awarded 740. West Virginia awarded 194, Minnesota awarded 609...
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    Perspective from the Big Ten and some much needed clarifications

    The first land grant school is open to question. Iowa State lays its claim to the fact that the State of Iowa was the first to accept the terms of the Morrill Act, and so, in ISU's eyes, ISU is first. But MSU also claims to be first because it enrolled students before ISU, and even Penn State...
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    PODCAST: Perspective on this morning's news, where things might be heading

    Please review the data from the Big Ten Academic Alliance. Remember that the total research funding is $11.2 billion. Note all of the partnerships that are part of the Alliance. If all of the information included on this website is meaningless, then your assertions are correct.
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    PODCAST: Perspective on this morning's news, where things might be heading

    According to, in the most recent reporting year the Big Ten Alliance universities generated over $11.2 billion in research expenditures. This is why AAU membership is important: Collaboration by similar universities.
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    PODCAST: Perspective on this morning's news, where things might be heading

    As readers recommend what universities might join the Big Ten, I'd suggest you look at the following web site to determine what newcomers might be a good fit with the Big Ten in other ways. Following is the website of the Big Ten Academic Alliance
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    tOSU/Mich/Clemson/FSU to SEC?

    Spend some time looking at the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (The Big 10 plus the University of Chicago).
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    Report: OU & Texas reach out to join SEC

    Texas A&M is a relatively recent addition to the AAU (2001).
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    Steve Prohm releases statement

    Given how much money you think college professors make and how little work they do, you ought to consider a career shift and get on the gravy train by becoming a college professor. Here's what you can look forward to---if you have a bachelor's degree you probably have 5-7 years of graduate...
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    Charitable Giving

    One option, though there is not a lot of time left in this tax year, is to consider your local county foundation, such as the Des Moines Community Foundation or the Story County Community Foundation. These foundations will have a list of charities that they can direct your gift to, such as in...
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    Writing a Book

    Greetings. Without this post becoming too autobiographical, I should let you know that I have written or edited more than 30 books, served as a consulting editor for a major publishing house, and have taught graduate level courses on writing for publication. With a colleague I've even...
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    WATCH: ESPN College GameDay's feature on Jack Trice

    1905 if my memory serves me correctly
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    Looking for advice-what to see and do in Ames and at ISU

    Without question visit Reiman Gardens. Very few colleges or universities have a botannical garden and this one is exceptional. The director has an inspired vision for the gardens. It is open and is located just south of Jack Trice Stadium. The stadium is revered, being named for ISU's first...