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    PODCAST: CW & TJ Otzelberger

    Good stuff as always, WC.:cool:
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    Texas Underachieves again

    I would agree with you except Baylor is in the Big XII. As long as they exist, I will always root for them to lose.
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    Report: T.J. Otzelberger headed for Iowa State

    Thank you, Simone.
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    WBB: Cyclone vs Sooner Boomers at 7:00 on Fox Regional TV

    Fox Sports Regionals have slowly been disappearing. Disney bought Fox and had to sell off the Fox Sports Regionals, and sold them to Sinclair Broadcasting. When the carriage agreements have been coming up Sinclair wants a lot more money and the streaming companies have been telling them to...
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    WBB: Cyclone vs Sooner Boomers at 7:00 on Fox Regional TV

    FYI, Fox College Sports is not the same as Fox Sports Regional (aka Midwest or North). So unless you can verify that the game will be broadcast on Fox College Sports, you might as well save your money. There is a 7 day free trial, but I just want to save you the potential disappointment. I...
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    OT: In five words or less, start a fight without politics

    The Beatles are not good.
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    OT: In five words or less, start a fight without politics

    Tailgating at JT is overrated.
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    PODCAST: Jamie Pollard on historic 2020 regular season, bowl games, the future and more

    This was the first time I have heard an official put part of their success in controlling Covid to pure, dumb luck. Luck has come up in discussions I've had with friends about how well the Cyclones have controlled the virus. I'm not saying the mitigation measures Pollard and the athletic teams...
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    FS: 2 tickets WV sect 5 (sold)

    I'll take them.
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    Texas post mortem/former player tweet thread

    Would you rather have the name in the books with an asterisk or no name at all? Until games get cancelled because of Covid and there are unbalanced final records.
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    On SVP,.....WOW

    This was from an ESPN article yesterday talking about watching him workout at Las Vegas: "In a gym that included several other potential first-round picks, Haliburton was in a class of his own in competitive situations"
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    Jersey Question

    I was talking the the folks at Cy's Locker Room last week about the jerseys. They said Nike did not offer any black jerseys this year, so far. They asked and would love to have them because they were really good sellers last year. Maybe they will show up midseason like last year?
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    YouTube TV

    Going up to $65/month and I still won't get my Fox Sports Midwest back. But thank goodness I can now watch the Kardashians......
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    Goodfellas or Shawshank Redemption

    Watching out the window for helicopters while typing that?
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    Best Web Browser

    My favorite part of surfing the internet has always been manning the helm while watching the shooting stars.