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    Light and Magic on Disney+

    Great show. A lot about ILM that I did not know, especially the people who worked there. I have watched a half dozen documentaries about Pixar, never saw a story before about how it was developed at ILM. All the Pixar docs started with Steven Jobs purchasing it from George Lucas. An amazing show...
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    Mesh Internet Systems

    I just put my WiFi router smack-dab in the middle of the house. I get really good speeds all throughout the house, no need at all for mesh devices.
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    ISU MBB Twitter

    We should schedule a road game against Creighton in the 23/24 season so Omaha can play in Omaha.
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    Omaha Biliew Commits to Iowa State!

    It is amazing how much obsession some ISU fans have with the Hawkeyes. How many McDonald’s All-Americans have they had? This makes two for us.* (*Actually, three. Royce White was a MAA, but we got him later as a transfer)
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    Whatever happened to Omaha Biliew?

    I already explained that I do most of my posting from my phone. Not quite as easy to look up the proper spelling.
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    Whatever happened to Omaha Biliew?

    90% of my postings, I post from my iPhone. Which I am using right now. That is what my iPhone autocorrected it to.
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    Whatever happened to Omaha Biliew?

    Just asking out of curiosity. I doubt he will be coming here, or to any other college or university for that matter. I think he will go the NBA “G” route.
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    Star Wars Expanded Universe Thread

    Apparently, Taika Waititi was interviewing Natalie Portman and asked her if she ever wanted to be in a Star Wars movie. Kind of worrisome if you consider that this is the guy writing/directing the next Star Wars movie.
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    Ohio State trademarks the word "The"

    THE university that gave us Gym Jordon.
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    Tyrese Hunter Entering the Transfer Portal - NIL Speculation

    How are we doing for a point guard to replace him? Maybe could pursue a really good and experienced PG at a mid-major who might want to go to a bigger school.
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    Iowa State concludes its AAU membership

    All of the talk about how it is "no big deal" that ISU left the AAU -- people were talking otherwise just a few years ago when Nebraska got kicked out. Anyone who might have said then that it was "no big deal" for Nebraska to be kicked out would have been laughed at.
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    The “We Will” Collective

    I will not be having anything at all to do with this.
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    Way too early football predictions?

    Now that Summer Dead Period -- that dreaded long wait between the end of the basketball season an the first football game -- is upon us, any predictions about football? Will we make a bowl game? How good will whoever steps up at QB be?
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    We are undefeated outside the conference. We could end up doing well in the NCAAs.
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    If Oklahoma State wins the Big12 Tournament, who gets the automatic bid?

    OK, I did not realize that the post-season ban included the conference tournament. I thought it was just the NCAA/NIT.