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  1. Trice

    Is Mike Rose injured? (He’s Good To Go)

    For those of us who missed this in real time, was the Rose rumor fake all along or was it possibly true but determined quickly that it wasn't a concern?
  2. Trice

    Tell us why this isn't vs Texas 2018

    Without knowing their specific health situation, I'd be inclined to agree - particularly given that we also had a bye week followed by a game that turned out not to be much of a tussle. But the fact that they didn't play + short week + travel might give them a slight edge in an otherwise even...
  3. Trice

    Tell us why this isn't vs Texas 2018

    I keep reading about this November thing, and I'd agree a change of some kind was necessary. But regardless of that, we should be a lot fresher for this game than in any other Thanksgiving weekend game. It's only our ninth game and we've had three bye weeks.
  4. Trice

    Tell us why this isn't vs Texas 2018

    I have no idea what to expect on Friday. I have all kinds of contradicting thoughts. I think some Cyclone fans are probably overrating our chances here because of recency bias, and if this Texas game had been played the week after squeaking it out against Baylor they wouldn't be as optimistic...
  5. Trice


    Hilarious tweet.
  6. Trice

    Who do we want to win between OU and Oklahoma State?

    I haven't run every scenario on @mred's web site but I haven't yet found one that puts us in the CG without beating Texas (barring a ton of upsets among other contenders). Am I wrong? So given that, go Pokes for the potential rematch and to knock out OU.
  7. Trice

    Friday OT #2 - The Unforgivable Curses

    You ever run into people in public who - either with the people they're with or to the people they're talking to on the phone - seem to be almost performing for the other people around them? Like, they talk extra loud and even look up from their own conversation to make eye contact with you to...
  8. Trice

    Friday OT #2 - The Unforgivable Curses

    I missed your post while I was typing mine. We should start a support group.
  9. Trice

    Friday OT #2 - The Unforgivable Curses

    Have you heard of misophonia? I think I have it, perhaps you do too. For me, the sound of liquid being poured absolutely enrages me, and I can't explain it. The "glug glug" of pouring wine. The sound of a pouring a pitcher of lemonade. When a TV or radio commercial for beer or pop really blares...
  10. Trice

    Texas @ Kansas postponed to 12/12

    I'd agree, except now we've got a physical game on our hands this weekend, with a short turnaround to a road game that should again be physical. It helps that we had last week off, of course, but we've got some disadvantages of our own.
  11. Trice

    Kansas State

    Imagine two December games in Jack Trice on back-to-back weekends, assuming fans are allowed back in then. That'd be the cherry on top of the most surreal home season ever.
  12. Trice

    Will Covid reduce or eliminate fans even more at our remaining home games.

    I can't roll my eyes hard enough at dumb "virtue signaling" language, but I'll bite. We're very clearly at a place where people need to be virtuous, and whether it's "signaled" or geninue really doesn't make a bit of difference. If everyone were a fraction as stringent in their every day lives...
  13. Trice

    Will Covid reduce or eliminate fans even more at our remaining home games.

    Agreed. I suspect this is more about sending a message to the public as it is for health concerns at this event itself.
  14. Trice

    Will Covid reduce or eliminate fans even more at our remaining home games.

    Personally I didn't feel it was necessary to keep fans out, but I understand so no complaints from me.