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    Again, I ask...

    Yes, it's silly to jump to conclusions on CPR at this time, but it's comments like this that I don't get. I'm not bothered at all by winning the games we're supposed to win and losing the one's we're not expected to. But there is a real problem when we don't even deserve to be on the same field...
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    Is there a Press Conference Today?

    I'm glad we've got a guy like Pollard. That press conference confirmed why he's our guy.
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    Head Coach Poll

    Bill Cowher. He has ties to the midwest. :) But seriously, I think Turner Gill sounds great. Not only does he sound like the kind of guy qualified to turn around an underachieving program, but we would have one of the only African American in the nation. Should be an asset for recruiting.
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    Gene Chizik - All Bridges Lead Out of Ames

    Jeremy, I don't understand the tone of your posts. It would seem that you are the one ready to burn bridges and leave no way to return. All we know is that Chizik has interviewed for a job, which as you have pointed out, is perfectly acceptable. Not always desirable, but it is to be expected...
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    Poll up on to choose music going into the 4th quarter

    My only problem with "Shout" is that a more prominent midwestern school is already using it (Wisconsin). I recently went to a game in Madison. Awesome atmosphere. I can't tell you what a difference it makes when the soundsystem is good and every song played fit perfectly.
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    Keep Cy Off the Helmet Petition

    Keep it off of everything please!
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    No TV for ISU-Nebraska

    kNu??? What does "kNu" stand for? I see it so often on here and I finally must cave and ask what the "k" is for. Thanks for the help.
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    Bottom 10

    Re: Cyclones Ranked!!! You can't have the sweet without the sour. Remember these times the next time you're road tripping to an ISU bowl game.
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    Students: If we win.....

    Students should rush the field if they want. If a student is at ISU for only 4 years, that means only two home games against our in state rival while they are there. No offense, but a win against Iowa might be the best home win a student gets to see while they are on campus. Rushing the field...
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    Does Bass go over 200 yards?

    You can see that Bass has the running style that could get him some big totals, I'd be all for it as long as we're winning.
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    The Helmet logo that got away...

    I would take any of the three designs over this. But I love to see us fans thinking of new stuff. Anything that gets rid of the current logo is fine with me.
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    Cyclone Football Defensive Line & Linebackers

    What is going on with Kris Means? I thought he had high expectations as a LB. Like the website JCloned. Appreciate the quality content.
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    ESPN's Ladder 119 (College Football Team Rankings)

    I think the top 5 will be; Miami Florida State Ohio State USC Oklahoma But not in that order.
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    Dennis Gibson - Encore Pizza

    Encore has great pizza. I actually didn't realize the ISU connection, but have talked to the owner (Gibson) every time I've been in there. If you're out in Johnston sometime, check the place out. Encore Pizza - 5775 Merle Hay Road, Johnston Iowa
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    Should ISU win a Big 12 football title someday…I would…

    Sorry about the typo above, I'm not a violent person but it appears my keyboard might be.