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  1. temperflare

    Nice Niang POTY Article

    When Hines isn't being pressure to stupidly publish career-driven, "OMG" non-stories about athletic budgets, he can actually write a decent article.
  2. temperflare

    Give Mangino Credit

    Sam has had time. Personally, I don't think he trusts the receivers to get open which is why he doesn't throw it until he sees they are open. Also, a fifth year senior QB should know to throw the ball away and he almost never does. Most of the sacks allowed are on him, not the O-L. I just...
  3. temperflare

    ISU Football "Pro Style Offense"

    I agree completely that having a mobile QB is a good thing. Vick is/was an extremely exciting player to watch going back to his VaTech days. But every team is after the next Tom Brady, Payton Manning and Aaron Rodgers. Aside from SB rings, they are franchise QB's and great for PR. Aaron...
  4. temperflare

    Jamahl Johnson - new commit

    Close to home, very good chance at immediate playing time regardless of who is coaching. Why not right?
  5. temperflare

    ISU Football "Pro Style Offense"

    I didn't say the NFL owners don't make mistakes on their investments and the NFL can't afford to tinker around in the manner colleges do. Add in that coaches bring what they know with them to the NFL and its pretty obvious why things happen the way they do. Look, you feel it is to their own...
  6. temperflare

    ISU Football "Pro Style Offense"

    Agreed. Part of the problem is we've gone through too many coordinators, O-L coaches, etc. I do wonder if we keep the same coaches if that will pay dividends in the next season. But really, we should be seeing much more consistency in the 2nd season under Mangino. Like you, I just want to...
  7. temperflare

    ISU Football "Pro Style Offense"

    You can do this in any offensive system. The point is running QB's are much more likely to get injured, so you draft a guy who can run an offense and who may have the ability to run to keep defenses honest. If you do it right, the QB doesn't need to run and many teams have had a lot of success...
  8. temperflare

    ISU Football "Pro Style Offense"

    I just think we need to be more flexible. I mean, let's throw an offset I formation in there with a 2 TE set or something. This shotgun zone read crap on 3rd and short is for the birds.
  9. temperflare

    ISU Football "Pro Style Offense"

    Good points. But you can't honestly believe the reason they don't make it in the NFL is because NFL teams don't know how to utilize them. I think the reason the spread doesn't work in the NFL is because the defenses are too good and too fast... and running QB's are much more susceptible to...
  10. temperflare

    Should Paul Rhoads be fired?

    I said as much towards the end of last season, but alluding to this season's results. I too hate this discussion. I like CPR. BUT... My emotional investment in this team has peaked and is backsliding. Hate feeling this way. I'm tired of seeing what appears to be solid potential go to...
  11. temperflare

    Should Paul Rhoads be fired?

    That and indifference has set in. Let's say we get a new coach. It will take him 2-3 years to get us above where we are now. So, who has a better chance at success sooner than later? I think we are a league where offense wins games and SOME defense wins championships. Maybe we need an...
  12. temperflare

    Those that want Rhoads fired (at the end of the season)...

    Unless we are wiling to shell out some coin we need to stop dreaming. That said, would love to see Tim Drevno
  13. temperflare

    Flashback to 2005

    Agreed. That team had the most potential of any since I became an ISU fan back in 99 or 2000. I miss Tim Dobbins.
  14. temperflare

    hawk fb program headed to the bottom

    I really don't know why any Cyclone fan living in the real world would expect more than a few wins this season. We can hope for more, but expectations SHOULD be built on reality. The reality is we will probably win a few games. Any more than that is a blessing. The other reality is Iowa will...
  15. temperflare

    One thing is very obvious...