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    A season after... Does Melvin Ejim's jersey still deserve to be in the rafters?

    After watching TOE hang Garza's and reading through the passion that was in this thread does this need to be revisited? Ejim, Niang and Morris all need to be brought up.
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    Have you ever been embarrassed to wear Cyclone Gear?

    It was definitely a poor choice of words but I understand what they are saying. Try living in the Eastern part of the state and listen to TOE fans after getting shellacked or Western part when Neb used to throttle us. Getting beat down by their fans and having nothing to retort can be a...
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    Has there been any public reporting of ISU athletes and NIL money received?

    How long can the money last? Is NIL money tax-deductible?
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    State of the Program

    What was our projected points if we wrestled to our seeds? I know you cannot figure in bonus points but there should be something out there.
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    ***Big 12 Wrestling Thread***

    Is there a place to see team scores?
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    Riding time

    I have been to or watched 5 meets so far this year. The one thing I don't get is why we don't try to get riding time in a lot of matches. Yesterday there were at last 6 times the other wrestler was up and out in under 9 seconds and we didn't appear to even want to hold them down. These were...
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    At Oklahoma Dual

    Parker let's the escape in 2 second . Is this on purpose?
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    At Oklahoma Dual

    Two takedowns by Small and about 15 seconds of riding time?
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    NCAA rules in favor of profit for athlete's "likeness"

    All these companies have advertising budgets. Currently that budget is spread among all the athletes. If it comes down to paying a certain individual that leaves less for guys that are not focus athletes. I just think the money is going to come in to play here.
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    NCAA rules in favor of profit for athlete's "likeness"

    How long before Nike, Adidas,UA all pull their money away from supplying the teams and going to individuals. There are 110 on a roster in football. 100 will likely see nothing.
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    3rd and long

    Yes, 8 guys should be able to cover but not for an eternity, which is what Stanley had.
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    3rd and long

    I didn't say we would get to him, I said we would speed up the play. Stanley had too much time on that play and it costs us the game in my opinion. I know they only scored 3 points but they also kept the ball and kept us from good field position.
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    3rd and long

    TOE is 3rd and 22 inside the 10. We rush 3 players and give a senior QB all the time in the world to complete the pass. This is what Rhoads used to do and it drove me crazy then. How many times during that era did we watch the other QB scramble forever and then complete a long pass. I am not...
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    Brigette C is in!!!!,,,,,,Maegan G,......

    Where in the article does it talk about Carlson?
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    Carlton signs Australian contract

    They are not essentially doing the same job. Women's basketball and Men's basketball are only similar in they have a basketball and score points. If the women want to make NBA money they should be in the NBA. I know it is not politically correct to say so but the athleticism of the NBA is...