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  1. ribsnwhiskey

    AP Poll prediction

    Do they play Iowa? I could see iowa kickin the **** out of them, and then jumping in to the top 10.
  2. ribsnwhiskey

    AP Poll prediction

    Indiana's ranking is the biggest joke. Living off a 1 point OT victory over 0-5 Penn State. **** the big 10.
  3. ribsnwhiskey

    Yahoo Sports Story on Matt Campbell

    These articles always seem to come out right before a big game. And then we choke. Please break that spell tomorrow.
  4. ribsnwhiskey

    Iowa State is favored by nine over Kansas State

    Came here to say this exact thing. **** postponement. ISU shouldn't be penalized for staying healthy and disciplined.
  5. ribsnwhiskey

    Pooka Williams Opting out

    If I did, I apologize.
  6. ribsnwhiskey

    Pooka Williams Opting out

    To support a sick family member? Nice.
  7. ribsnwhiskey

    ESPN Football Rankings

    He's a boomer troll, best ignored or clowned on.
  8. ribsnwhiskey

    Howard Brown article, love this video

    Walter Payton*
  9. ribsnwhiskey

    Purdy's Early Performance

    We actually have a lot of speed on both sides of the ball. **** the big 10.
  10. ribsnwhiskey

    PODCAST: Jamie Pollard on the last 14 days

    Yeah. It was more a rhetorical question.
  11. ribsnwhiskey

    PODCAST: Jamie Pollard on the last 14 days

    What other school/team playing sports is allowing mass fan attendance right now? I get the issues with Ames. I lived there most of my life. But what world was Pollard living in the last 6 months that made him think, yeah 25,000 people gathering in one spot is going to go over well?
  12. ribsnwhiskey

    REPORT: Six Big Ten teams to play their own 10 game season?

    People like him don't really think about anyone but themselves.
  13. ribsnwhiskey

    REPORT: Six Big Ten teams to play their own 10 game season?

    Shut the **** up donny
  14. ribsnwhiskey

    it's interesting ...

    You don't find it interesting that for as bad as we've been the last 40+ years, we still have a winning record against purple kansas? How is it a meaningless stat?
  15. ribsnwhiskey

    it's interesting ...

    Ok boomer. Iowa State Cyclones Kansas State Wildcats First meeting November 10, 1917 Iowa State 10, Kansas State 7 Latest meeting November 30, 2019 Kansas State 27, Iowa State 17 Next meeting October 29, 2020 Statistics Meetings total 103 All-time series Iowa State leads, 50–49–4 Largest...