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    Iowa Football Recruiting

    Atta boy!!
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    Fran McCaffery and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Transfer Portal

    Margaret.... That was an in-house award.
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    Dead Bird in Toilet Bowl

    That was a few heartbeats away from a bird in the bush.
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    New turf going down

    Pm me when you catch your breath, our High School is accepting quotes for a new field turf field.
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    Anyone owned a VW Golf?

    We had a VW with a 1.4L turbo. It was solid and fun for a while but turned into a cash-hole.
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    AJ Green in the Portal

    Gary Thompson in the house!!
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    Updating water service line

    It can also be black in color but generally blue. It is a pure- core virgin resin poly that is made for underground applications. We get it through a wholesaler, but I'm sure I've seen it at menards. In most cases 1" is suitable unless you water livestock or have a massive irrigation system...
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    Updating water service line

    Blue poly in at least 200# psi would meet code in most towns as long as you put a tracer wire with it. You can get it in cts (copper tube size), or ips (iron pipe size).
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    Fires at Food Processing Plants

    My recollection of dates might be off but I have heard the rumor many times.
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    Fires at Food Processing Plants

    I have heard that Cherokee chose the Mental Health Institute over ISU in the early 1900's. Any truth to that?
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    Fires at Food Processing Plants

    A tornado wiped out our local family owned meat locker/ butcher. A CEO from Wilson/ Farmstead asked them, "How do you start a tornado?"
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    Does Dekkers being a lefty affect how people may perceive his potential?

    My lefty father says everyone is born left-handed until they commit their first sin.
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    2022 Masters

    I have Koepka and Rahm in the final pairing.