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    WBB - ISU @ OSU

    Ashley was kinda forcing it. OSU is a good defensive team, but I thought we were a little lacking in the ball movement department.
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    *** Official #21 Texas vs #15 IOWA STATE Game(Day) Thread ***

    How many games in a row now where we’ve been called for more fouls than the opponent? The refs sure loved rewarding Texas for wild drives.
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    So many reasons to boycott tonights CFP title game

    Then we’re going to argue past each other, because this is entirely about realignment and the consolidation of power. The consolidation of so many big brands under one conference isn’t possible without the playoff. The latest moves are clearly in anticipation of the expanded playoff. ISU, and...
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    So many reasons to boycott tonights CFP title game

    For starters, OUT are still in the conference without the playoff. Wait another ten years and tell me who has won and lost.
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    So many reasons to boycott tonights CFP title game

    I don’t give a toss about the national championship. I want what’s best for the sport as a whole. Since a playoff in any form just consolidates power at the top, it’s bad for the sport. Not that it’s ever going away, but the losers here are hardcore fans that watch their team week in and week...
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    [Cuz why not] 2023 Class Breakdown

    I read it as a comparison of play style, not quality. If 4L compares someone to a more obscure player, someone like me wouldn’t know what the comparison is supposed to mean.
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    Have you ever been embarrassed to wear Cyclone Gear?

    People like us who post on CF? No way we’ve been embarrassed. But more casual fans who deal with their Hawkeye “friends” on a daily basis? I’m sure it’s just easier not to sometimes.
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    Media Availability video & Parker Story

    Would you have to sneak it?
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    Thank You and Goodbye, It Was a Good Run.

    Beware the soliloquies of random message board folk.
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    Easton Eledge commits

    Unless you’re only hiring former players, that’s how you make tree. Where else would coaches come from from within the tree?
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    SEC National Title Game Sucks

    Feels increasingly like we’re selling out the rest of the sport to get this one game every year. The only game that matters. I’d rather have an occasional title game mismatch (and if the conference title game is an indicator, this game is also a mismatch) than the current system that makes NY6...
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    The Most Important Thing I Saw From the Baylor Game.

    I really liked Tre’s forehand flip off the backboard. Took the whole arena by surprise. He’s not the most physically gifted guy in the world but he’s a baller.
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    Poll: Conference Wins

    My concern about conference play is injuries. We know the league is a gauntlet but I’d say anywhere from 7 to 11 is realistic if we stay healthy. But as frontloaded as the schedule is, a relatively poor start plus injuries affecting us down the home stretch might cause us to miss the tournament...
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    R Mason Thomas Commits!

    Xavier Nwankpa and Xavier Foster both stated that they felt wanted by the fans in their recruitments and that it mattered. I’m pretty sure Purdy got a chant at a basketball game, too. It might seem weird but these players will be/are public figures when they play big time DI sports. I don’t see...
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    Tristan Enaruna PT

    When we play teams that leave the offensive boards open and play a more open, transition style, Enaruna is highly effective there. Iowa was that way, as will KU and perhaps others. Teams that clog the paint will make him incognito offensively, since he’s not a post and his outside shooting isn’t...