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  • I heard your call to soundoff and tagteam of butt holes tried to drown u out with their blubbering. Keith knew he was the one who said but wasn't man enough to step forward and admit he was the one who claimed in his rant that Iowa should never lose to Iowa State and Minnesota
    Great phone call on SoundOff. I am in total agreement with you. There is a clear bias in the central Iowa media against ISU which is almost funny since ISU is in central Iowa and Iowa is not. I don't know if you saw the opinion section in the DM Register but they printed a letter I wrote in regards to last Sunday's article about the Penn State child abuse scandal. In case you did not see it they put Eustachy's picture on the front page by Sandusky's and tried to draw comparisons to "scandals" at both universities. Beyond awful. They editied my letter but I would share the full version with you if you want. Just let me know.

    Sorry for rambling on. Good job out of you. Keep it up.

    Thanks. I should just stay away for a few days. It is ridiculous how much melt down is going on. To make matters worse people are saying stuff that just isn't true. That just makes a bad thing look worse.
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