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    Hy-Vee vs Fareway - Sunday Commercials

    Before we had a Ben Franklin, we had TG&Y: though our TG&Y was in the mall.
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    Cyclone Success in the NBA

    Phoenix was close to getting to the finals, had to give up Hornacek to get Barkley. Barkley got Phoenix to the finals, but I (biasedly, perhaps) felt they missed Hornacek's shooting. Easy to forget Hornacek's time in Philly, because Philadelphia didn't have much besides Hornacek after that...
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    Kirk, is this you?:)

    Kirk, is this you?:)
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    sportsbetting app

    Already so tired of all the betting ads...bring back Lady Gaga and the Budweiser (?) commercial! Have you tried "living your bet life?" that Drew Breese is recommending?
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    NBA: Cyclones in the pros 2021-22 (hoops)

    Matt Thomas with 5 pts, 2 rebounds and 2 assists in 12 minutes in the 1st half.
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    Texas NIL $50k per year for every scholarship lineman

    The financials for this nonprofit will be interesting reading....
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    ESPN non-coverage is atrocious

    Lunardi has his newest bracketology out. Memphis is a 2 seed.
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    Why Your Town Sucks #1: Coralville

    Yes, it has been built--but it is in Iowa City, just north of the V.A. hospital. So, you can't blame Coralville for this one.
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    Iowa State is Bowl Eligible

    Texas v florida in the liberty bowl, a battle of who wants to be there the least
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    NBA: Cyclones in the pros 2021-22 (hoops)

    Yeah, I think he was the only player who played all of the last 18 minutes of the game. He looked a little tired at the end.
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    NBA: Cyclones in the pros 2021-22 (hoops)

    Nice interview on nbatv gametime with George. Best quote: "I'm glad you gave me a chance to talk about my game". The tv hosts were entertained.
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    DeAndre Kane in Tournament Finals

    Did anybody watch this game? I turned it on, saw Kane drive and score a layup, then pulls up lame on the other end of the court--didn't see him play the rest of the half. Then didn't see the second half at all--did he get back in at all?
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    Best Breakfast Place in College Towns

    For years, Hamburg Inn was the place to go, but ownership/management changed a couple of years ago, and the service and food quality, imo, really dropped off. . Bluebird is good, can't speak for Dandelion. Lou Henri was good, but always had dicey service from the extremely laid-back staff.
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    Cyclones in the pros (hoops) 2020-2021 Not sure if that link will work.(it does!) ESPN video of Jazz players notifying high school students about winning a scholarship--Georges is sporting the Iowa State logo on his call.