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    Gabe Kalscheur Commits

    Looks like a much needed 3&D type of player. I think this type of player fits next to Hunter a little better than JCL or Bolton.
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    ***Official St. Louis Cardinals 2021 Season Thread***

    Me too. Throw in Carlson who could see some at bats up there and the lineup looks improved from last year for sure.
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    ***Official 2020-2021 Transfer Thread***

    Would this be his 3rd transfer?
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    ***Official 2021 NCAA Tournament Thread***

    I didn’t like that call, they’ve let both teams get away with much more physical play than that.
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    Best Dunker in ISU History?

    Come on guys.... The answer is obvious here: In all seriousness I gotta go with Burton. That dunk vs West Virginia in the championship game was just nasty.
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    NFL: ****2021 NFL Off-Season Thread***

    I can't imagine the Seahawks would ever actually trade Russell. The return would have to be insane
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    Poll: ISU +23.5 vs Baylor

    I would definitely say he has played with good energy the past few games. Something he should have been doing from the start of the season.
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    Garza Vs Niang

    I was thinking this about Monte too. Garza definitely has all of the accolades, but if I was building a team I would pick Monte first. Point Guard in my opinion is the most important position on the floor and impacts the game the most.
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    MLB: ***MLB Off-Season Thread***

    Yeesh, you're right about them being low on Atlanta. I would think they would be the favorite in the NL East.
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    [Eli Sanders Added] 2021 Class Breakdown

    That’s too bad to hear. College Football deserves an elite QB named General Booty.
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    [Eli Sanders Added] 2021 Class Breakdown

    Not too late to add this guy, right?
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    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    Jaden Walker looked good tonight
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    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    This is obviously a ploy to trick West Virginia, 50+ 3pt attempts incoming.... I kid, but also think this would give us a better chance to win.
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    Rank the Freshmen

    I don't think people are thinking these guys are going to develop under Prohm. I think we're hoping they develop under somebody else and I'm not talking about them transferring...
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    [Steele Jantz] I found him... and it's amazing

    My parents have a cat named Steele after that 3OT win vs Iowa, that game was awesome.