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  1. KnappShack

    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    A Jerry Springer quote.... If we only listened to his wise words
  2. KnappShack

    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    A gentleman never talks about such things, but it was an enjoyable trip down mammary....umm......memory lane
  3. KnappShack

    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    I found an old phone from 7-8 years ago. Charged it up Appears I had a pretty decent era of ladies sending "photos" my way.
  4. KnappShack


    I liked how Baltimore decided to roll with the "Colts" name. CFL ball should be fun, but it just isn't quite football. Like arena ball.... Football-ish
  5. KnappShack


    Is his exposure that high? He's part of a group that's making the purchase. Kind of like Magic owning the Dodgers....he has a cut but he's part of a much larger group. The Rock has to be better liked than Vince. It's football. The league was doing OK before COVID.... This can work!
  6. KnappShack

    College Savings Iowa (529) vs savings account

    Same boat. I've kicked this around for over a year now. I'm not sold on the 529 at all.
  7. KnappShack

    2020 Stocks

    I keep accumulating the XLE energy ETF. Hoping for a slingshot move when the economy picks up. Taking the large distributions until this happens .....but what I was hoping would be a mid-term yield play is looking like a long term slog
  8. KnappShack

    Any experience with CrossFit?

    This is what's kept me away from the CrossFit world. I don't need to be doing compound moves with heavy weight at my age. It's a recipe for injury. Boredom and injury are the biggest reasons I take pauses in working out. (Although fighting like hell through this plantar plate tear at the moment)
  9. KnappShack

    K-12 Return to school ongoing discussion

    We're in the Pre-K stage of life. School is closed today. One of the teachers has COVID Took less than a month from opening to a COVID related closing. Only temporary, but it doesn't make me confident
  10. KnappShack

    Cassette tapes are making a comeback

    Cassettes sucked even when they were popular
  11. KnappShack

    Post Positive Stuff Here

    "What Did Jack Do?" is the greatest thing I've ever seen on Netflix. Toototabon!
  12. KnappShack

    AT&T Just Killed Off DirecTV For Good

    But don't we all know at least one Boomer that has a $200 cable bill? Then you start to explain streaming, but bail out because you see their eyes roll back....
  13. KnappShack

    Post Positive Stuff Here

    Down almost 40 lbs. Gave up the booze for over 6 months So the good news is two Michelob Ultra "beers" got me rocked.
  14. KnappShack


    Hearing processors are getting offers north of $150k and underwriters over $200k in some markets.
  15. KnappShack

    Anyone Use T-Mobile?

    I went to T-Mobile. Very few issues. Even worked in the middle of absolute no man's land. Had to detour and it didn't let me down in the Southwest It doesn't work very well in my office, but I wonder if they're slowing it down on me