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    Roku may end agreement with YouTube TV

    I have zero faith in any television manufacturer to have quality apps on their own platform, and I don't want it tied to my TV. "Smart TV" functionality is last on my list of items when looking at a new TV. I just want a great monitor with a slew of connectivity ports.
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    Roku may end agreement with YouTube TV

    Prison time aside, any updates on YTTV/Google vs Roku? I much prefer my Roku over the Firestick.
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    Mulkey to LSU?

    She's a loose cannon and her mouth is going to get her in big trouble someday.
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    Advice on selling a car

    I've sold a couple of cars on and it was a pretty painless process. They went quick and the cars while not collectible were difficult to come by in good condition. All you really need to do regarding paperwork is sign over the title and get a signed bill of sale. The bill of sale...
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    2021 Stock Market

    Feels like one of those funds that will be featured on American Greed in a few years.
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    *** 2021 Masters Thread ***

    I believe they dried them out in preparation for the rain that's coming. Not sure if it was to depress scores today or to keep this weekend from getting out of hand. The boys shredded the place six months ago.
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    RIP Jessica Walter

    All of Arrested Development was fantastic* and she was perfect in her role. Bummer she's gone. * Netflix produced seasons not included.
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    Serious question: Are kids worth it?

    In case you were thinking about having kids...
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    Golf in Kansas City

    I saw it mentioned elsewhere in here - if you book Shoal Creek, Tiffany Greens is a good nearby choice. Used to be one of the premier courses in KC and held some pro events. Not sure about today. I played an event at Tiffany Greens years ago on a recruiting firm's dime and a bunch of our...
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    Golf in Kansas City

    Firekeeper is excellent, I would never turn down a chance to play there. Saw a friend make a HIO there, was a good time. Well, sorta - we didn't see the ball go in, but it was there. I haven't lived in KC in a few years so things may have changed a bit... In the metro my favorite course is...
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    Life Insurance

    I can't decipher the sarcastic responses from the legit ones in this thread.
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    HSA question

    That's an interesting point I had not considered. I have my HSA setup to max out my account annually via payroll deductions, but last year I had a leave of absence where I didn't get paid for two months. That leaves my HSA short of maxed. I will top it off with my own contribution, but I...
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    Anyone getting new golf clubs if the snow ever melts?

    Seeing a set of irons at $1500 and a single wedge at $160 is ridiculous, but there are plenty of people out there who buy new clubs frequently and trade them in. Check out some golf forums buy/sell/trade areas, Callaway pre-owned, eBay, etc. and you'll find deals. The only thing I buy new is...
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    Oklahoma vs Florida twitter

    I'm looking forward to the next version of SEC Shorts.
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    This was great. During my entire six year bachelor's program at ISU there weren't enough highlights to fill a six minute video. How times have changed.