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  • It's from the morning show a few weeks back. When Ferentz got cornered on some issues with injured players other off field issues.

    When does State of the nations get up and running again?
    If a monkey farts in this state and that monkey is a resident of the state of Iowa, chances are its gonna be in print.
    Hey, good contribution on this one. If I may, there were too many trends of "bend but don't break" defenses (kind of like Boise State vs. Oklahoma a few years ago). 7/13 Roundtable - 5 Thoughts On The Big 12
    Jon - I'm new to the site but I just noticed something...your avatar spider seems to be missing a leg. Or perhaps it is not an arachnid at all...
    Hang in there Jon! I know things arent going well at KXNO but you needa hang tough!
    Hey Mr. Miller do you think that you can look though my lasted post about Skip Hotlz and tell me what you think? I wish I could listen to your show more to find out who you think it maybe.
    Hey Mr. Miller how are we tonight? What a glorious weekend of college football. Do you think that old joe will pack it in after this season? And will Kirk make some changes in his team? I think if Shawn Greene keeps this run going he's gone and I think the years of Christersen are done he will transfer out. What are your thoughts on the whole thing? And you should invest in a Xbox 360 and NCAA Football 2009 cause it's nice to make the team in your image and win national champioships year in and year out lol.
    Your post about the schedule of your show tells me more than any other thing you posted defending yourself. The last time I got the chance to listen was on a Tuesday; per your message, a Hawk day.
    I will fully admit to my ignorance of your show and stand corrected on my 99% Hawk comment. Unfortunately, with my "normal" work schedule I very rarely get the chance to listen. I also now have a better understanding of some of the biased comments here and will think better in the future.
    I may continue to argue with you on certian posts, but when you are a "neutral" participant/commentator, I generally appreciate your comments.
    If you hear anything on Harrison, Danyelle Robinson, etc. please post it on my wall. I don't live in your listening area...but what I've heard of your show is great. Keep up the good work!
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