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  • I have been in Hawaii about two years. I haven't been to the probowl, but I have been to the practice the day before. I think you could probably get a good seat for $50.
    I think those of us without Mediacom didn't get to watch the UNI game, but I might be mistaken about that. I was at a wedding that day anyway.
    Agreed. It's even better that we National Guard folk are among the first to get them. That NEVER happens. Now, if you'd just transfer down here, you could get a set or 4 yourself. :wink:
    I saw that. I think they look pretty cool. That, and they work quite a bit better from the pictures I've seen online.
    Ooh, when's your birthday? I hope you have a good one. Honestly, I'm kind of with you - I certainly hope they are calmer than my 20's... :wink:
    hey, yea I have to work the MBB game on the 23rd, so it will be Christmas Eve. When are you guys makin the trek down?
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