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  1. J

    Bus Trip to Kansas City

    Wanted to let anyone in southeast Iowa know that local radio station is trying to fill a bus to Kansas City: Here are the details: HEY SPORTS FANS…..THE MT. PLEASANT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE HAS A BUS TRIP PLANNED THAT YOU CANNOT PASS UP. IT’S A TRIPLE HEADER BUS TRIP…..IOWA STATE CYCLONE...
  2. J

    Lower back pain

  3. J

    Lower back pain

  4. J

    Basketball Recruiting: Uthoff still wide open

    I posted some comments about him over week ago. I worked the Iowa City West shootout. They had 16 teams from around the state there. I worked the games of both Uthoff and Marcus Page. He is a complete basketball player. He is athletic enough to run the floor as well as take a guy off...
  5. J

    Minor Jarrod Uthoff update

    I had chance to see Uthoff and Marcus Page over the weekend in the Iowa City shootout. I was working the games as a official. Mr Uthoff is a complete player. He can get shot off the dribble as well as a good spot up shooter. He is good passer and looks to get his teammates involved. He...
  6. J

    High school baseball umpires

    Just make sure you get good chest protector. If your doing lower level games you can get by with middle of road one, but any thing above Freshman level get the best one. I took a ball in the chest and I had bruise on my chest. Make sure you use plate shoes and any level. I get my stuff out...
  7. J

    Open letter to Coach GMac....

    Well said!!!!
  8. J

    New head coach... who do you want??

    Just go take a look what he has accomplished. What he brought to the teams he has played on. What success they had before and after he played with them. He just made them all better. I think he understands how the game is supposed to be played. I think he can assemble individuals that would...
  9. J

    New head coach... who do you want??

    What about Hornacek? I think would be great hire. I know recruiting might be a problem. He knows the game and know what it takes to win. I think he can bring the concept of team back to this basketball program. He helped take Jazz to the next level. He might not be interested, but...
  10. J

    Why don't we offer Mike Born for the assistant

    Well he had input in taking Greg Oden over Kevin Durant!!!
  11. J

    Len Elmore is horrible

    Sounds like you play the game. You look at play again. If the defender hadn't gone down so easy and really acted it out. I might have agreed with you, but he did and so he should be penalized for trying that. You look take look at the rules.
  12. J

    Len Elmore is horrible

    If the official made the call that it wasn't a charge. Then he should have made a blocking call. There was contact and something should be called. It did cause the player to lose the ball. I am not college official , but I am high school official. In high school you can call a technical...
  13. J

    Great Cyclone Athletes

    How about George Admundson? He also excelled in two sports. I will say though Gary Thompson would be hard not to vote for him. What he did when he played and what he has done for the University since.
  14. J

    Lane Danielson

    I was in for the Iowa game. We were out Friday night I think the bar was the Trade Winds up town Ames. We ran into his girlfriend. She was from my wife's hometown. We had a blast with her and her friends. (My wife not with me) We got pretty wasted, but she told me to come back after the...
  15. J

    NFL: Vick not Happy

    I know what the guy did was bad. He went to prison and paid for it. There are guys walking the street in our society that have murdered and raped and spent very little time paying for it. In some cases getting off completely. They let them out and they do it again. I don't see the coverage...