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  • The only thing that bothers me is everyone jumps my *** when I say anything positive about JB but other people can post about other players they like and no one says anything to them. I know the kid and his family. Thats more personal to me than this petty stuff about AY.
    I am using simple common sense, I don't need research studies. All I am saying is that if you are driving a short distance at a low speed, obeying all traffic regulations, you are not automatically a danger to everyone on the road since you have had a beer. One drink, are you serious? I would trust someone after one drink before I'd trust someone who was tired out anyday. Most men I know are not affected significantly by drinking one beer.
    Yes, driving at safe speeds, and obeying all safety regulations, posed no more risk and probably was driving better than 90% of drivers on the road. We're not talking about being blind stinking drunk, just tipping back a couple.

    There were no absolutes in the statement I made, which reference specfic conditions.
    I have a feeling that quite a few of my pics won't be selected, based upon other pictures that have already been rejected. Panoramio - Photos by Haverhill
    I'm uploading quite a few pics I've taken of campus buildings, athletic facilities, and various other places I have been. My panoramio name is Haverhill.
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