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  1. HitItHard58

    The world needs sports ...

    I've been watching the **** out of pro disc golf on YouTube throughout quarantine and I'm happy as can be. Maybe some people need to broaden their horizons and be somewhat flexible.
  2. HitItHard58

    Redskins Yes or no

    So are the people trying to pin this on cancel culture unaware that groups of Native Americans have been going around pushing to have names like this changed at various levels for years? My high school changed from the Redskins in the early 00s and I know we weren't the only ones. Yet I keep...
  3. HitItHard58

    College Fantasy Football
  4. HitItHard58

    Iowa's Doyle transfers to Baylor

    I'd worry more about the rape victims at Baylor finding peace.
  5. HitItHard58

    Does it Bother anybody else that

    I’ve been told by hawk fans close to me, who I thought were better people than they apparently are, that college football coaches are just ********. That’s the way it is and will always be that way. Yeah Doyle and Wallace are total pieces of **** who verbally abuse kids they’re supposed to be...
  6. HitItHard58

    WWE Backlash (2020) Thread

    Well I’m shocked it wasn’t the hands down greatest match I’ve ever seen. Usually when Michael Cole repeats something 7 million times you can count on it. Had they not spent all that time telling us what we thought of that match before it happened. Had they not overproduced the **** out of it...
  7. HitItHard58

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    I don't think anything will change. You'd think Doyle would at least be done but I'm not expecting it to happen. If they do nothing significant, I can't imagine it won't negatively affect recruiting but the pessimist in me thinks otherwise. Some recruits will buy the lip service bs and others...
  8. HitItHard58

    WWE Backlash (2020) Thread

    With that name he has to be behind the masked dudes in the SUVs abducting people right? I was pretty sure he’d be revealed as the boss anyways but that name seals it.
  9. HitItHard58

    Whiny millenials and their parents

    Love how millennials is just a general term used when ******** about young people. I’ll be 35 in a few weeks and I’m a millennial. You’re complaining about gen z and their most likely gen x parents. If we’re generalizing about dumb ***** on Facebook, boomers really seem to think everything is a...
  10. HitItHard58

    2020 Iowa State Fair Canceled

    Pall Mall cigarettes and Mountain Dew are really going to feel the impact of this.
  11. HitItHard58

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Sadly this is actually what some people believe about BLM. This country is so ******.
  12. HitItHard58

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    There was that one Clemson assistant 3 years ago and Dabo Swinney at some point repeating the n word. Neither were saying it to or about anybody but I’m sure it’s enough for haLks to run with.
  13. HitItHard58

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Why are you so focused on us? Why are you here? Go to your own board and have a circle jerk with like minded stooges.
  14. HitItHard58

    Kirk Ferentz labeled racist

    Neat. As long as we never have to choose between justifying abusive behavior within our program or believing victims of abuse, I’m cool with never “catching up.” For the record, if this happens at ISU, it won’t be a difficult choice for me.
  15. HitItHard58

    C-RTC & Recruiting

    First post on site and you come out swinging making significantly negative accusations. I can't prove you wrong but why would I believe you?