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  1. HFCS

    Remainder of NBA season at Disney World?

    Veteran Rondo is an insanely brilliant idea to pair with LBJ and Davis.
  2. HFCS

    Remainder of NBA season at Disney World?

    What a kick to the nuts for Denver. Davis hits a desperation 3 at the buzzer after they had come back to take the lead after trailing by 8 very late. Jokich was unreal to erase the eight point defecit.
  3. HFCS

    Random Thoughts 14: I can see clearly now 2020 edition

    I've only seen it from the air as it's progressed over the past few years, it was one gigantic hole early on. I had a friend consider buying a house nearby thinking it would increase the value but they ended up staying where they were.
  4. HFCS

    NBA: **Cyclones in the NBA and G-League, 2019-2020

    Monte scores seconds into his first WCF game.
  5. HFCS

    Positive news in Covid-19 realm

    Positive news that official testing recommendations are back to common sense. My wife's aunt and uncle have it in STL. Mother in law went to the testing facility because she'd been around them constantly and they told her to go home because she wasn't symptomatic and she shouldn't be tested. I...
  6. HFCS

    Charles City looking to form new conference after racial issues

    The story talks about fan behavior multiple times but the WSR rep says all of the people involved are students so they can't make anything public. Seems unlikely all the fans are students. Easy to see the frustration.
  7. HFCS

    MLB: 2020 Chicago Cubs Season Thread

    Baez is possibly my favorite Cub ever and the type of player people pay to see. Rizzo is up there. If more players played like Baez I'd be much more likely to watch random non-postseason baseball that isn't connected to following my team. It's feels weird to compare these guys to childhood...
  8. HFCS

    THT & Monte in conference finals

    I've been listening to Nuggets radio on my commute for two years now. Totally adopted NBA team. Their radio guys are great, very good amount of homerism without making you feel guilty/dirty about it.
  9. HFCS

    THT & Monte in conference finals

    That is some distilled 180 proof Cyclones right there. Unfortunately so is the impending behemoth that is LeBron's full range of powers.
  10. HFCS

    THT & Monte in conference finals

    Small sample size but THT actually played very well in the playoff game where he got first half minutes. That alone is pretty impressive for someone his age with hardly any NBA minutes.
  11. HFCS

    West Coast fires

    Usually this is the absolute perfect time to be up there in Sierras, mosquitoes mostly died off two weeks ago but still 2-3 weeks from the major snow threats. Also less people once school starts. Last two years I was probably up there for 20-30 days aug-oct. This year maybe only the 5 I already...
  12. HFCS

    West Coast fires

    This was supposed to be start of my annual backpacking trip through Sierras. Been watching weather closely even though I cancelled trip a few days ago. The region I was heading toward is getting 40-90mph winds in the next few days. Really bad timing for that.
  13. HFCS

    Remainder of NBA season at Disney World?

    Over!!! Great comeback series. I've listened to si many nuggets games on my commute since Monte started playing, so happy for them.
  14. HFCS

    Remainder of NBA season at Disney World?

    Nash is one of the only players I've seen get assists so effortlessly. Shocking amount of games where Joker is close to double figure assists at half.
  15. HFCS

    Remainder of NBA season at Disney World?

    Murray is one of the streakiest shooters I've seen.