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    2022 NCAA FB Coaching Carousel

    Is Cincinnati close enough to CMC’s OSU/ND dream jobs to jump? New team, same conference foes he knows, new start.
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    What changes do you hope we see next year

    I want to see wins when favored. No missed field goals within reasonable distances. No shotgun with yard or less to gain. No O-linemen blown 3 yards deep on a play.
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    Should Xavier sit out at TCU

    Only play if he can guarantee he catches everything thrown his way. Too many drops.
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    OT decommit

    After watching Illini today and ISU, I'd flip too.
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    That 4th down call should be the nail for Manning

    Good Gawd, we sound just like Hawk fans
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    Could Iowa State go bowling at 5-7?

    I’ll watch, then the rest of my day will be ruined. Glad they are smart since few will get chance at next level.
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    ***Official OSU Post Game Thread***

    So I am an old F****. My 1st year at ISU was 1st year with Criner, returned to ISU during last of Walden's, so I have seen some really bad football. Current year isn't as bad, but certainly the most frustrating. O-line development very bad. Receivers that consistently drop wide open passes...
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    ***Official OSU Post Game Thread***

    O-line is and has been issue for long time. No matter what play is dialed up or what skills the rest of the offense has, it's not going to work when there is failure up front. O-line coach needs to go. Dropped passes, fumbles and throwing directly to the other team doesn't help either.
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    Either (outside of defense)

    #55 blown off O-line multiple times ending up in backfield.
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    Either (outside of defense)

    O-line can't move anyone nor pass block. Kickers can't place it between the uprights. 5 turnovers and a wide open TD pass dropped. Shouldn't have even been as close as it was.
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    *** Official IOWA STATE vs Oklahoma State Game(Day) Thread ***

    Who is he throwing it to?
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    Gallagher dead at 76.

    never found him amusing
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    COLUMN: 10 thoughts on ISU basketball's season opener

    Couldn’t watch game through espn+ buffering. If they continue to be on this POS platform it will be a lost season to me.
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    PAC-12 News Coming Today???

    It was the Pac10 many more years than the oddly numbered Big12 has existed