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  1. farminclone

    Players leaving Nebraska Football

    Agree. There will be no mercy and it will be glorious.
  2. farminclone

    "Pedestrian" Purdy

    I wouldn't be opposed to picking up a few guys, especially a WR and depth on the lines. I think it's hard to go to the portal to "recruit over" all these guys that decided to stay another year when they didn't have to. I would imagine with our roster turnover next year we will utilize the...
  3. farminclone

    "Pedestrian" Purdy

    He struggled some in the first half of the season but was incredible down the stretch. Our ball-control offense with a great ground game takes away some of the "flare" the lazy hot-takers like to see.
  4. farminclone

    What to do with Coach Prohm Poll..

    It’s just really sad.
  5. farminclone

    Why did Iowa Speedway fail?

    Looks great! What tracks do you normally race at?
  6. farminclone

    Lost dog by Maffitt lake

    That sucks, I hope you find your dog. Bump to the top to make sure people see this!
  7. farminclone

    Why did Iowa Speedway fail?

    Dirt track >>>> boring race at Newton
  8. farminclone

    Sports betting

    I have stayed away from it because I can tend to be stubborn and strong willed with stuff like that. I will go to the casino with friends or play a game of cards every once in a while, but I don’t think always having betting at my fingertips is a good thing for me. If I lose money on a stock, I...
  9. farminclone

    Sports betting

    I wonder if there will be a large increase in gambling problems because of the ease of betting from your couch on an app.
  10. farminclone

    Ames PD investigating female student death

    Horribly sad situation.
  11. farminclone

    Coach with best conference road record ?

    Good teams win at home, great teams win on the road. We have had a lot of good teams since the beginning of the Orr era, but very few great teams.
  12. farminclone

    Allen Lazard was the first Cyclone to score a touchdown in the NFL playoffs in 35 years

    Words can't explain how happy I was to see him avenge the drop from earlier in the game and catch that big TD. It was awesome.
  13. farminclone

    New Home Construction cost

    The only way to know if you are in the ballpark is to get multiple quotes on the same plan. There’s no way anyone can say it will cost about x/sq foot because plans and quality can vary so much. Not sure what size house you are looking at, but 1,700 square feet on the main level comes out to...
  14. farminclone

    The Georges Highlight Tape You Didn’t Know You Needed

    That was the pinnacle for me when you factor in the personality and success of Georges and those guys.