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  • Baylor football tickets still available? Haven't been to an Iowa State football game since 1973. I'm in Des Moines and would love to go. Thanks
    Hey there. Thanks for the note. Someone asked before you, but I'll make sure they are committed. If not, they are yours. Enjoy!!
    Yeah, I usually gave Collin more **** about it though! This is Micah Monroe.
    With the Waukee job, I coached at Union with Aaron Thomas this year and he was interviewed for that job too. I wasn't happy he didn't get it. He planning on getting me a teaching job and on as an asst. with him.

    The new arena that they are building sounds pretty sweet. Can't wait to see it
    Things are going well. I just finished my Masters degree and I am getting ready for a deployment to the middle east.
    I am so jealous! Actually, I've never been to Miller Park. County Stadium has some great memories, but it needed the upgrade. Anyway, have a great time. BTW, if you haven't been there, Saz's is awesome - great BBQ! The Brew Crew got a huge lift from Fielder tonite - hopefully Prince continues to heat up!
    A couple good sites for Brewers material:
    At the MLB site - type in Brewers in the Search Videos section on the right side of the page. Thumbnails of Brewers video highlights should appear at the bottom of the page.
    -Your Brewer Bro' (kentkel)
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