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  1. cygrads

    Cyclone Football Twitter

    Holy crap!
  2. cygrads

    What should have happened here?

    I voted to eject but just off sideline for the game but it wasn't all that bad. I suppose something needs done just to discourage this in the future.
  3. cygrads

    Bowen Born

    Still solid play especially for a freshman.
  4. cygrads

    Viewing Habits Suggests Soccer's Rise. Baseball's Decline.

    Baseball needs to limit the number of pitchers you can carry on the roster. Fewer pitchers fewer pitching changes thus faster games. Also it is really fun to watch a position player pitch and with fewer pitchers that would happen more often.
  5. cygrads

    Does Anyone Else Just Not Really Watch the Games Anymore?

    I don't watch anymore at least the last dozen games or so - too frustrating and just puts me in a bad mood.
  6. cygrads

    Poll: ISU +12 vs OU

    I usually take the opposition but taking Clones and points this time. We have played so many road games with little time to rest - first time in the last couple of weeks we have had more than 3 days between games. We come out and keep it close until the end but keep it within 12.
  7. cygrads

    Darian DeVries

    Hard to believe Prohm will be replaced after this season but I would be ok with it and i have been somewhat of an apologist. JP loved Dan but when he saw revenues and attendance continue to fall he did what he had to do so maybe this is a similar situation. Can you imagine the lack of...
  8. cygrads

    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    Agree and I think we can agree Bolton puts in great effort every game and he averages 5 rebounds a game out of the guard position. Rebounding is so much related to effort and many of the players don't want to put in the effort to rebound. I suppose Prohm could bench them and remove all hope of...
  9. cygrads

    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    Bag on Prohm all you want but until the players decide to rebound this loss is on them - the rebounding was the difference in the game.
  10. cygrads

    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    At what point do the players start taking it personally and start rebounding - I question their manhood at this point.
  11. cygrads

    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    Well, game over. Hope I'm wrong.
  12. cygrads

    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    Why are the guards sagging inside so much - this is the one game post defense has been decent out of Condit and Solo and we leave guys wide open for 3.
  13. cygrads

    OSU Dual Thread

    Do we have results from Lindenwood?
  14. cygrads

    Just tested positive for the COVID...

    How is this calculated is it just a simple # of Covid deaths and total population?
  15. cygrads

    *** Official Iowa State Season Thread ***

    was Get better man! I can't wait to find out why this hits some people very hard and some with no symptoms.