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    WBB: Big 12 Player of the Year Leaders

    Given that Cox just got player of the week for last week with stats that don't rival some amazing individual performances by several other players (Ashley included but could have gone to others too)... I'd say it's a telling sign that they are rewarding her for being on the championship team and...
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    TTech Insights?

    Given all the RPI analysis in this thread... I think the Big 12 overall has left itself in a bad position RPI-wise, which will affect NCAA tourney bids, and may not be recoverable during the season. Even Baylor, which has been ranked #1 in polls, is...
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    Twister Sister Summary - near perfection

    This tweet and another tweet with highlights/clips and some audio of coach talking in the locker room show true joy with the game. With everything going on, that is so important not to lose sight of and celebrate and have fun when the opportunity arises. Who cares if Tech is not as good as their...
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    Post season volleyball thread

    Baylor and other southern Big 12 schools probably were less affected by the Nebraska move. That said, Baylor is just an unusual case. Their hitter Pressley is amazing, national player of year caliber. They could be almost average without her. Her elite play makes everything better for them...
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    Post season volleyball thread

    I read some of the analysis and posts in other places, and it made more sense how we got in. Despite the bad losses, the RPI was still in a range for consideration especially in relation to other teams on the bubble. Those teams also had bad losses, maybe lessening the effect. Plus I'm guessing...
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    Volleyball RPI thru 11/24

    Here are the last four in, and we're not one of them.
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    WBB: Carleton has a shot at being ISU's all-time leading scorer

    For her size and stealth athleticism- the blocks and steals stats might be most amazing. While one might say ISU has not dominated in those stats, it's still remarkable. Those stats come from scouting, positioning, and going after it in smart ways.
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    Twister Sister Summary...the Fun Continues

    Creme had DePaul as the upset team going to the Chicago regional. MSU said otherwise and now two teams will play their tails off to get more respect.
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    Twister Sister Summary...the Fun Continues

    Hi! Just been a busy stretch with work and family. Limited social media time. But appreciate reading all the posts and being able to catch up once in a while!
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    Twister Sister Summary...the Fun Continues

    ESPN WBB app posted a Capital One Rewarding Performance for Bridget. Fun to see that as the top clip on their News page in the app. Also a clip on their website.
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    HEY !! There was a game today

    The future of the team is also really exciting. Yes impact players will graduate. But they are helping rebuild a certain mentality that should carry forward. The talent is there and if there's the will for player development like Scott has shown, look out! Wise and Joens could be Carlton-like...
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    HEY !! There was a game today

    This year's team is a blast to watch and to listen to. Hopefully more fans will come back or start. The students -- cyclone alley -- showed up during the polar vortex game vs Tech, and that was a lot of fun. Maybe they'll start coming in bigger numbers. Maybe not relative to the early days but...
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    Season Ends Strong with Post Season Bid -->2019 Discussion

    Dawn Sullivan is the coach at UNLV so that could be interesting.
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    Season Ends Strong with Post Season Bid -->2019 Discussion

    I am wondering the same thing.
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    WBB: Kennedy-Hopoate transferring out

    I have been watching NCAA tourney games a) there are a lot of transfers, even from top teams and revered coaches and b) there are a lot of intense coaching styles on display. I would no longer put Bill in the upper quarter of intense coaches. Some of the comments seem to reflect past more than...