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    Justin Smith

    His sources are the CF forums lol
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    Question internet in central Iowa

    Anyone have suggestions for a new router. Have 80-100mbs but don't think my router is giving me enough of that. Was looking at the NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro routers that are supposed to have good signal throughout the house.
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    ****Official Class of 2020 Recruiting Thread****

    If he ends up committing to Iowa you better just delete your account lol..
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    THT out for the summer league

    2nd round picks aren't guaranteed contracts, and he hasn't signed one yet.
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    ****Official Class of 2019 Recruiting Thread****

    Tyler Harris going get bumped out of the rotation??
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    Our offense might have been bad at times last night, but think about how many wide open shots we missed.. Make half of those wide open misses and that score looks a lot different. Need Shayok and Wiggy to hit those Saturday (I think they will).
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    ***Official who should we root for to get ISU to the Alamo Bowl thread***

    Just out of curiosity, does anybody know an estimate of how many we sold for Memphis?
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    Pipe Burst in Hilton!

    Wells Fargo seats more. Could seat all ticket holders.
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    Solomon Young Groin Injury?

    Lol he hasn't even seen a specialist yet and you come up with that bold assumption? Ok.
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    New Uniforms Revealed

    Someone needs to find out how to purchase these helmets. I need all 3 (White, Black, Red)!
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    COMMIT: Marcedus Leech, 2019 SF

    They are like fat chicks. Both fun to ride until your friends find out??
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    The Tournament

    I have a feeling Jameel isn't going to show. Every time HiltonMagicLegends twitter tags the players on the roster he is the only one who isn't included.. He was supposed to play last year and never did.