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    PODCAST: On the transfers of Griffin, Lewis & Grill

    When 4 star recruits aren't panning out, you do have to look at what else is going on. Both Lewis and Griffin were highly regarded coming out of high school. We were all thrilled when they committed to ISU. If CSP can't develop players who come in with talent he is doomed at ISU. Unlikely to be...
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    Caleb Grill Transferring

    Count Terrence Lewis out now too.
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    Caleb Grill Transferring

    Just saw that Terrance Lewis is leaving as well. Who's next?
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    Caleb Grill Transferring

    You want Brock to transfer too? Campbell needs to keep all his players away from CSP.
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    This is why Prohm must go........

    The team played their guts out, but the result was an apt encapsulation of the season. They showed flashes but could not be consistent enough to win. Giving up a layup in 5 seconds after regaining the lead with 8.9 seconds was truly a fitting end to this season. When playing well they get close...
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    This is why Prohm must go........

    Extending your logic. Isn't almost any game available on ESPN+? There is a difference between the games offered on ESPN+ and their standard channels. ESPN is trying to push people towards streaming, but still reserves (for the most part) the best games and broadcast games for the established...
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    This is why Prohm must go........

    Not being on TV had nothing to do with Bolton. The teams playing on Saturday were completely irrelevant. TV schedules games on ratings and who would pay to watch ISU at this point.
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    This is why Prohm must go........

    Saturday kind of summed up the season. We are so bad that we got toasted by the only team in the conference with a worse record. It was not available on TV where I live and I was thankful for that. I love to watch ISU games and pull for them, but there is nothing to pull for this year.
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    Halftime Adjustment

    I find it ironic when the ISU Alumni foundation calls me shortly after the MBB team has deposited another stinker of a game.
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    Are we being to harsh

    So, is Prohm going to become the next Nance, Trickey, McDermott or can he turn things around next year and save his ISU reputation? Having 20 loss seasons puts you in company as a coach you would prefer to stay away from. They are already dangerously close. I have little confidence they won't...
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    Expectations for 2020-2021 season

    I now have so much more time available to me. It's pretty easy to tell within the first quarter of a game if this team is going to compete. They have shown no ability to dig out of a hole. I know if they get more than 10 pts down it is unlikely they can recover, so I feel little need to subject...
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    AD’s tweet calling out ISU fans

    So, what I'm wondering is: Is this the worst ISU basketball team ever? They keep setting records for the worst. First loss ever in Hilton to a low level team. 2 or the 3 worst losses at home, ever. The team will have to live with their results for this season for a lifetime. They keep saying it...
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    Expectations for 2020-2021 season

    We need another Deandre Kane who can run the team, provide leadership and toughness and just be a little nasty.
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    We have a chance to beat Texas

    I cringe every time MJ jacks up a 3. When was the last time he made one? Nixon broke his bad streak at Oklahoma, but I still don't think he is a threat from 3.
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    Who Should we hire After Prohm if he left after this year or next?

    If Prohm is around 10 years from now, I suspect crowds at Hilton will be about the size of the crowd in Norman last night. At least the pep band will be clearly audible.