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    Tickets gone

    Sent a PM
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    Looking for 2 Tickets for TCU

    Taking the girlfriend to the game for the first time. Budget is limited. Would prefer seatbacks.
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    Things to do in KC

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Any hotel recommendations?
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    Things to do in KC

    Planning on taking a trip to KC during the 4th of July. What are some fun things to do while down there for a short weekend trip?
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    Coffee Maker

    Looking for a good coffee maker. Typically just black coffee, I don't need anything too fancy. Any recommendations?
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    ***Super Bowl 55 Game Thread Chiefs vs. Bucs***

    Maybe ever. ;)
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    ***Super Bowl 55 Game Thread Chiefs vs. Bucs***

    Exactly. I will always be a Patriots fan, but I'm team Brady, not team Bill. Bill is a great coach, but horrible GM. Bill has made some good decisions to let players go before they become dead weight, but he tried doing this to Brady in 17, which clearly was stupid. The Patriot fan base is...
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    ***Super Bowl 55 Game Thread Chiefs vs. Bucs***

    Or, the spouse was treated very unfair and wasn't appreciated, so they left. I'm the friend in the background rooting for the spouses new relationship.
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    ***Super Bowl 55 Game Thread Chiefs vs. Bucs***

    No gloating? I was saying hi? So, MJ leaves the Bulls and all the Bulls fans hate him? Lebron leaves the Cavs and Heat and now all their fans hate him? Pretty sure many of those fans continued to root for their favorite player if "their team" wasn't going head to head. I'm pretty sure you...
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    NFL: ***2020 NFL Season Thread***

    Brady time. :)
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    TV Buying guide

    Anything other than OLED will be a let down. :) Also - for sound always go SONOS.
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    Driving to Alamo Bowl

    Flying today from Cedar Rapids in to San Antonio. Saved a few hundred.
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    Lifebreath - Indoor Air Systems

    Hi, Anyone have experience with Lifebreath systems? Pros/Cons? Worth it?
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    Golfing around Ames

    This. I've grown up playing golf in Ames and I have NEVER seen the course in that bad of shape. Unplayable. One of the tee boxes is so bad you pick the best weed to hit off of.