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    Nicest Golf Course You’ve Played

    The old Dunes course in Las Vegus as I was paired with Dennis Hopper and his manager.
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    Fertilizing my lawn for initial spring application

    For grabgrass preventer, soils have to be 55-65 degrees before germination occurs. Its not air temp, its soild temps
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    Ticket Renewal

    We are holding off on donation and ticket purchase as if no footgall season, dont think I would feel I owe the full annual amount of our current donation.
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    MLB: For Cub Fans

    record play through boring parts
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    Terrence Lewis transferring

    Hope these 3 left becuase they saw no hope of playing time because of the talent coming in next season.
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    Halftime Adjustment

    Affraid next year will be just as bad......savior Foster gets beat by Pella?
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    NFL: ***Official Super Bowl Commercials Thread***

    Good Will Hunting take off....
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    Response to Schumer's complaint about notice

    Sen Schumer upset he was not given any advance notice on the Irainian operation......a commentator put it pretty bluntly: Neither were the Irainians, and for pretty much the same reason.
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    2020 Stocks

    If you consider investing in equities a gamble you will be one of those complaining you just cannot make it on SS and need a govt hand out
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    Coaching Salaries

    Maybe its time you find a better system......personally my 401K and IRA invested totally in the equity market for the last 40 years permitted me to retire at age 55 and since my company considered me a qualified retiree (7 on tax return), I paid no penalties for taking money out of those accounts.
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    Send Manning packing

    4th and a foot and we take the ball 5 yards back........6 foot 6 tight end and we dont throw to him in the end zone
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    Eddie Murphy SNL tonight

    Without the foul mouth, aint worth watching.
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    Granite City filing for Chapter 11

    The Clive location always busy and we have enjoyed the meals we have had over the years.....Obviously not the location causing their problem
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    NCAA puts TCU on probation..

    And the grand daddy of Texas parochial cheaters: SMU
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    Coach Hayden Fry Passes Away at age 90

    Obviously you are not 78.......