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    ***2020-2021 College Football Survivor Week 2***

    Week 1: App State Week 2: OSU
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    Now Baylor vs. Houston Postponed

    Not sure how daily tests are going to help this. As soon as they test positive they're shelved for 3 weeks. You can contact trace sooner I guess, but testing doesn't magically make this go away. The only way to ensure playing is to have players follow strict rules. How many of these postponed...
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    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    The Big12 showed them how to do it.
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    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    Seems at this point the wildfires will have a bigger impact on players health than Covid. Can't imagine practicing with that smoke is great for your body
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    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    What's the Big12 rule, 2 weeks? He would have been back for TCU anyways. Without bye weeks, 3 weeks is almost 40% of your season.
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    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    Saw 3 weeks sidelined for a positive test. What's the odds high profile players will be held out for undisclosed reasons rather than a positive test?
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    Remainder of NBA season at Disney World?

    I don't know about that. They have the two best players left, but the rest of that team isn't good. Will be an interesting referendum on superstar vs team play.
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    Remainder of NBA season at Disney World?

    Jimmy Butler may not be nearly as talented as Jordan was, but man he has that same desire that made Jordan great. The guy is a gamer.
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    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    I can see this. With the way the SEC has scheduled this year, an 9-1 SEC team might get a spot over an 8-0 tOSU if they give them a cupcake schedule
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    Will the BIG10 Reverse Their Decision?

    No problem for them to be eligible with 8 conference games. 3 of their 4 non-conference games were cupcakes before anyways. My only problem is if they talk about pushing back the playoffs to accommodate their incompetence. The playoff selection date is scheduled along with the playoff dates. If...
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    LSU & Covid

    Kinda makes you wonder what the results would be if these schools were to test their entire population for antibodies. The question really is whether football is transmitting this virus, or if it is from non-football activities.
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    No spring break, new winter term this year at ISU

    The good news is that we won't have to worry about shoveling this year since Biden is going to personally sniper anyone that steps foot outside.
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    UNI cancels spring break due to COVID-19

    I guess they felt like they needed to do this early because so many setup travel plans early. Plane tickets are tough to recoup costs on. And really, there isn't a huge negative impact on the loss of spring break.
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    Found I think the staff member in charge of Special Teams

    Quality control would ensure that you are using the word purpose instead of the word purple in documents. But as a coach, I'm sure it's just a title given because of limitations on number of coaches the NCAA allows.
  15. C


    Disagree. We had more than some drops. Those drops killed several drives. Yes, giving up 14 pts in special teams is bad, but the offense should have been more than capable of making that up. But making a tackle and catching the ball are the details that matter here. We've seen this before in...