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    FS: MBB 4 for UMKC

    Section 218 corner balcony, Row 9, 5-8. $30 for 4/OBO. Can paypal/email exchange. PM if interested.
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    Photo sharing site for youth sports

    I setup closed Facebook groups for my son's teams. I just update the team information at the beginning of the season and it keeps everything in chronological order. Been doing this for the last 4 years.
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    FS: MBB 4 tix vs Baylor

    Bump, lower price, season ticket face value.
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    FS: MBB 4 tix vs Baylor

    4 tickets vs Baylor, sect 218, row 9, 5-8. $60 for 4. Can email/PayPal, or possibly meet in DSM metro.
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    Personalized ISU license plate ideas

    AHF1858 (actually helping farmers since 1858) would be neat, but a limited audience would actually understand it.
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    Alamo tickets

    I was going to say we are in this same section, but looks like we are also in the same row! :cool:
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    Friday OT #2 - One Shining Moment

    I was 15 and playing senior league baseball on an all star team playing to win our district and go on to state. We were ahead by 1 going into the bottom of the last inning and we were in the field. They had runners at 2nd and 3rd with 1 out. I'm playing first and the batter hits a hard line...
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    A good run of bad luck

    I have a similar sort of story. I'm in my mid forties, I've hit three pheasants in my lifetime with a vehicle. All three occurred within the same month when I was in my late twenties.
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    Friday OT #1 - Long Live Rock

    My mom took me to my first concert at Vet's Auditorium in probably 1977. Ricky Skaggs opened, then Hank Williams Jr., followed by Merle Haggard. Pretty solid country lineup looking back. As an example of how times change, the concert was sponsored by Marlboro, and they gave away free packs...
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    Monday OT: Live songs better than studio versions

    Lola by the Kinks is the first to come to mind. Then probably anything by Peter Frampton.
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    Most random encounter with ISU athlete?

    I was at Worlds of Fun in KC with the family and saw Melvin Ejim with family as we were passing each other. I think my son and I had ISU hats on, but he was looking the other direction as we passed. I didn't want to make a scene by yelling at him, but I did a nonchalant nudge to my son, hey...
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    Friday OT #3 - Showing Your Age Card

    I remember in kindergarten you could bring music to share for show and tell. One popular one was "Top of the World" by the Carpenters.:rolleyes: I remember bringing in my 45 of "Rhinestone Cowboy" by Glen Campbell. Yikes I'm old.
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    Little League Lineup Excel Template

    When I coached this age I, I put the kids in alphabetical order for their batting lineup. The next game the last batter would rotate to lead off, and everyone else would move down a slot. For fielding I put them in the same order by position number 1-9 and then moved them up a position midway...
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    Friday OT - C'mon Dad, Gimme the Car Tonight...

    1981 Datsun 200sx. (not the exact same car in photo, but almost identical) I bought it with my dad at an auction for a good price when I was a sophomore in high school. It got me through most of my years at ISU. I sold it to my now SIL's boyfriend at the time, and remember he totaled it about...
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    FS: 4 for MBB Baylor

    Tickets sold PPU.