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  1. clone4sure

    What is your biggest question mark going into game week?

    1. Will Dekkers get to play and how a left handed QB changes the dynamics of the offense. 2. will Breece Hall be more of a threat at 212 lbs.
  2. clone4sure

    OU Depth Chart Observation

    Hudson is one huge guard ! I don't think I've ever seen a guard that big. on another note, you go two tight end set and we are a very big line.
  3. clone4sure

    Greatest Cyclone Quarterback

    Two games jump out at me from the QB position. David Archer vs Nebraska, he threw for over 300 yds. and completely frustrated and humiliated one of the top defenses in the NCAA. Brett Meyers performance against Texas A&M 2005. Those two games were fun to watch. Brock Purdy still has two years...
  4. clone4sure

    Breece Hall makes Freshman AA on 247 Sports

    RB – Breece Hall, Iowa State 247Sports Freshman All Americans Iowa State waved goodbye to David Montgomery and hello to Hall, one of two four-star running backs the Cyclones signed last cycle. The Kansas native rushed for 842 yards and nine touchdowns, eclipsing the 100-yard mark four times...
  5. clone4sure

    Blue Blood Notre Dame

    This is how they view our team. he does have a point. This isn't meant to be a shot at you, but I always hate the "they're x points away from being x-x." argument. Yeah, they were 4 points from being 10-2. They were also 5 points away from being 5-7, including a loss against FCS Northern...
  6. clone4sure

    Blue Blood Notre Dame

    I think we have come a long way these past few years. College Game Day really liked being in Ames and loved our loyal fans. we have played some pretty good teams and beat them, I was hoping for a little more respect.
  7. clone4sure

    Blue Blood Notre Dame

    I went to the ND boards and they seem pretty upset they have to play us. I know we aren't what they hoped for, but I would hope they would take the time to watch some of our reruns vs teams like Oklahoma,Baylor and Texas. I think we have the ability and coaching to beat this team. any thoughts ?
  8. clone4sure

    UPDATED: How should ISU honor Jack Trice more?

    I saw on TV the Michigan Team run out their tunnel, and all of their players slapped a banner in Michigan Blue that said "The Team". How about a picture of Jack Trice and the statement " I Will" in Cardinal or Gold. this could be put in the tunnel so the team could see the sacrifice this player...
  9. clone4sure

    Nov. 30 @ K-State 2:30 or 6:00 Kickoff TV: TBD

    We must come out and put lots of points on the board in the first half. can't let this team hang around. this will be important from a Bowl stand point as well. Kansas State will be gunning for us.
  10. clone4sure

    Black Friday-What are you buying?

    219" Samsung Wall LCD. What else does a guy need !
  11. clone4sure

    Lutovsky signs with NU.

    Pretty sure Knowledge U is sitting at home for the Bowl Season. They are light years away from being the team they used to be.
  12. clone4sure

    Texas Game

    Clone 4 sure....damned sure !
  13. clone4sure

    Texas Game

    Texas will use 4 receivers to beat our defense. they think the key to beating us is to get our secondary to play deep. any thoughts ?
  14. clone4sure

    Another Submission to the Big 12 Apology Binder?

    Acts that are pass interference include, but are not limited to: Contact by a player who is not playing the ball that restricts the opponent’s opportunity to make the catch; Playing through the back of an opponent in an attempt to make a play on the ball; Grabbing an opponent's arm(s) in such...