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    Jackson Vroman dies

    He wasn’t a bad guy at all. He was actually a very good guy, he just partied way to hard with guys he made connections with that could handle it better than him.
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    Hawkeye Basketball Recruiting

    You’re right, Fran is killing it on the recruiting trail and sweet 16 appearances.
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    Hawkeye Basketball Recruiting

    Did he really have another choice? Look at the list of offers
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    Hawkeye Basketball Recruiting

    So you’re saying that Iowa Basketball is lighting up the recruiting trail? Imagine Keegan at another school since he wasn’t recruited by hardly anyone. He was obviously under recruited but it’s not like Fran was the guy that saw how amazing he could be. Those kids were headed to Iowa regardless
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    Jamison Patton Commits

    This is an awesome commit.
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    ****Official Class Of 2023 Recruiting Thread****

    Fizer should be 1 regardless and was a McDonalds AA
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    Ohio State trademarks the word "The"

    I’ll bet Miami is super pissed too. Bunch of Dbags
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    Caleb Swanigan dead at 25

    Absolutely, with all of this.
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    Caleb Swanigan dead at 25

    He’s been on quite the downward slide after the weight issues started and legal troubles came about once he was cut. So sad to see this stuff
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    Kooper Ebel commits

    They’ve been stepping up their Nike money recently
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    Kooper Ebel commits

    He’s Iowa or late commit to the top 2 SEC schools….pierschbacher (sp) is a good example
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    NFL: Allen Lazard on Rome Right Now

    100? Might take the under here but I’d love it if he did
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    What are some non-con games you are looking forward to this upcoming CFB season?

    Texas getting beat by 5 touchdowns against Bama will be a good one
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    Pride Month

    Probably headed to the cave, but Happy Pride month!
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    Hawkeyes whining about postseason baseball

    He’s such a turd in the punch bowl