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    ****Official Class of 2021 Recruiting Thread****

    Disappointing....but I suppose not surprising.
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    Dudley Blackwell (excited to be a Cyclone)

    I'm optimistic about the freshmen, too, but admittedly I felt the same about Zion and Terrence when they were freshmen. Give 'em time and they will be good was the thought. So I guess we just get to watch it play out again and hopefully we won't have to count on them for so much at the...
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    2021 Football Targets

    Been off the board for awhile. Did Bollers already commit elsewhere?
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    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    Were we ever ‘in’ with juco El Ellis, and if we were, are we ‘out’ now?
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    ***Official 2019-2020 Transfer Thread***

    On that list it says under JCL’s name, sitting one. Isn’t he a grad transfer? Thought he was eligible next season.
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    2021 Football Targets

    ugh. is it next to being a bet worthy that its Wisc?
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    Justin Smith

    Ok, I’ll be the first dork to try to interpret this. Is it for black lives matter? Or put a period on it, meaning his recruitment is over? Or none of the above? (Responding to post 405 btw)
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    Justin Smith

    FWIW...A knowledgeable person in the basketball business once told me that to get the real good transfers it usually had to happen before said player put out a ‘list’. After following recruiting across the country over the years, I’m starting to believe it.
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    Chaundee Brown Final 4 List

    Probably reason 3
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    Javan Johnson at 4

    Not following. How’s does the waiver ‘not’ passing give us a chance at getting a better GT?
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    2020 Commits Stats & Senior Performance

    Here’s a random unimportant question. Do you think the four incoming freshmen Zoom with each other or our coaches, especially in these virus days? Would think it would be a great way to build some rapport with each other.
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    Chaundee Brown Final 4 List

    Saw this with Illinois as the favorite. Didn’t realize he had the connection with the assistant. We of all fan bases know how a previous relationship helps in these things. That’s why the Harris signing was so refreshing... no final four list letdowns.
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    Chaundee Brown Final 4 List

    If that’s the case, maybe it’s on to see who the next target is. :rolleyes:
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    Chaundee Brown Final 4 List

    LSU recruiting ties and then there is just good ‘ole transfer successful power Gonzaga.... oh boy. Good luck, CSP. I wish these transfer guys would just commit & not put out these final 4 lists. What is the point of that? Not a knock on them, just an honest question on how it matters when...
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    Tyler Harris Commits to ISU.

    Do you think the college coaches have some inside knowledge on the vote for immediate one-time transfer eligibility? Or are they like us reading one day it’s still on and the next day it’s not til January 2021, and then maybe in May, & who knows what tomorrow?