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  1. Acylum

    Money and Kicking the Can down the road.

    Or inner cities across the U.S. Apparently some kids don’t matter though.
  2. Acylum

    Big Ten Is Expected To Cancel Its Football Season

    Good thing somebody started a thread about it. I had no idea.
  3. Acylum

    Jack Hoiberg Earns Scholly

    It just seems like a very Frannie Mac- type of thing to give some undeserving,white guy walk-on a schollie. Not something I'd expect to see at MSU.
  4. Acylum

    Jack Hoiberg Earns Scholly

    Does anybody else find this odd?
  5. Acylum

    Misc: ***Official 2020 PGA Tour***

    Daniel Berger looks like a young Eric Clapton.
  6. Acylum

    Oliver Martin Enters Transfer Portal

    Odd move for the #1 receiver at 2 separate b1g schools.
  7. Acylum

    August 6, 2020 update from Pollard

    There’s nothing GarBar could ever do that would put JP “on the clock.”
  8. Acylum

    STANZ: Re-imaging college football through geography

    The Central is straight-up garbage.
  9. Acylum

    Texas to PAC 10?

    Apparently 2 teams have left the PAC 12. Arizona and ASU to B12?
  10. Acylum

    SpaceX and crew dragon undocking now

    Raises hell with auto paint too.
  11. Acylum

    Worst Fruit?

    They're also the most expensive table grape by like double. Not sure they're worth it. But people do go nuts over them I admit.
  12. Acylum

    Worst Fruit?

    You're doing something wrong. Pears are usually good from the time they're rock hard until they get softer and juicier like a week to 10 days later. It just depends how you like them.
  13. Acylum

    Worst Fruit?

    I can’t believe all the hate for pears.
  14. Acylum

    Worst Fruit?

    It’s not the worst, but I have to mix it with others to eat it.
  15. Acylum

    SpaceX and crew dragon undocking now

    It looks like one of the old metal cans of brake fluid lifting off.