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    Program Changing Players

    No surprise here. Lot of love given, considering David left a couple years ago. Summary of Big 12 players to make the list if you don’t have a subscription...
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    Cyclones in the pros (hoops) 2020-2021

    Monte plays again tonight vs Nader. Should get more time tonight in a back to back game.
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    Who mans the middle of the DL in 21?

    Singleton and Howard, though Howard is probably a year or two away in order to learn the position better.
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    ***post game Fiesta cocktail thread***

    Here I was thinking I’d be the odd man out drinking G&T. Got to celebrate the right way!
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    Doug Brooks - 2022 DT

    I love how this thread is all about his name.
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    Doug Brooks - 2022 DT

    Saw this on ESPN, I know I know not our favorite. The highlights are awesome, but looks like a culture fit by handing the ball off to a teammate to score and carrying his teammate. Looks like Howard Brown with those moves carrying the ball.
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    ***Official Signing Day Updates***

    I was guessing this guy:
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    ***Official Signing Day Updates***

    I take it Eli Sanders didn’t sign during the early signing period? That good for us I assume?
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    Transfer Portal Jammed

    Good kicker and/or speedy receiver please and thank you.
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    How Bad is ReCe DaViS?

    Herbie had to apologize for saying Michigan was using COVID as an excuse to dodge OSU during the CFP show. Walked back the comment the next day.
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    How Bad is ReCe DaViS?

    I was going to start this thread last night. It does honestly feel/ comes off as personal with Davis during the CFP ranking show. It’s always backhanded comments about “never has a two loss team made the playoffs” and “we question why ISU is here”. Like others have mentioned, they make excuses...
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    Cyclones in the NFL - 2020 - 2021 season.

    Lazard representing!
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    Landen Akers Appreciation and First TD!

    Finally found the video. Never seen lineman run so hard to celebrate a TD :)
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    Dave Andrews

    Agreed. That Yahoo article also talked about Campbell using the downtime, because of the pandemic, to reflect and see how the team fades after October. His realization that you can’t do the D3 push yourself to the limits every practice, everyday. Being able to see that, and make the change to...
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    Landen Akers Appreciation and First TD!

    When I saw him motion across and start back I knew right where it was going. Was texting my ISU buddies before the game and mentioned I hoped he got a TD today.