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  1. rpcyclone2013
    rpcyclone2013 nfeledy
    Looking for all season, cash in hand. Also potential for partial trade. Have a B4 parking pass.
    I have a G7 parking pass that I would be willing to trade for the B4 pass for the entire season. Do you have any offers yet?
  2. acoustimac
    acoustimac Pokit N
    When you come to Ames...go to D2 and look for the CyBeast. We will be serving pulled pork and cowboy beans...amazing stuff. Feel free to join us! Ask for Dennis
  3. MEforSTATE
    MEforSTATE jr4cy
    I have a C6 pass but have sold a few of the games (UNI, IOWA, ULM and TCU). Let me know if youre interested in remaining games.
  4. MEforSTATE
    MEforSTATE futureclone
    I have a parking pass for C6 and S6. I have sold a few of the C6 and a couple S6 games, but let me know if you're interested.
    1. MACK4CY
      I would be possibly interested. How much are you wanting?
      Aug 15, 2019 at 1:13 PM
  5. drlove
  6. bstegs
    bstegs Lineup
    What row are the seats?
  7. Kami6348
    Kami6348 RonBurgundy
    I talked with the ticket office. Tickets will appear in my account 2 weeks prior to UNI game, so mid August. I'll let you know as soon as I can transfer.
  8. Cymon
    Cymon Cat Stevens
    Please not the disagree rating again! Haha!
  9. Cymon
    Cymon CyDude16
    It's fine that you disagree with me, but it would be cooler if you posted why instead of just marking my posts"disagree".
    1. CyDude16
      Lol nah.
      Jul 29, 2019
  10. JC32
    JC32 CyberJJJ
    Were you still looking for UNI tickets
    1. CyberJJJ
      Possibly. Checking schedules with my family. If you have a firm bid elsewhere please move forward. I would like to, but am moving two daughters back to two different universities and changing jobs myself so a bit up in the air for another couple of weeks.
      Jul 25, 2019
  11. Macloney
    Macloney Jacktronic
    If you haven't read Camus, you should immediately. The Stranger is arguably the best example of French Existentialism that exists in fiction. If you don't find great meaning in it, I will reimburse you for it.

    I have been interested in Absurdism, which is what you posted about, for years and if you want or need any recommendations for further reading on this subject, let me know.
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    2. Jacktronic
      Thank you for the recommendation, I have been looking for good books and this is all still so new to me, so any help is appreciated. I'll shoot you a message after I read it.
      Jul 15, 2019
  12. EvilBetty
    EvilBetty ChrisMWilliams
    Matt leo is listed as a junior in your depth chart. Pretty sure he's a senior.
  13. Cat Stevens
    Cat Stevens xr4ticlone
    You’re truly a terrible rotten person. I get that you are a coward, but that doesn’t excuse being a worthless rotten human being.
  14. Cat Stevens
    Cat Stevens Rabbuk
    It was isu number one fan that posted the pro rape stuff during the Kavanaugh hearings. Of course he doesn’t really agree with rape, but like the articles from a site he is a member of.
  15. Cat Stevens
    Cat Stevens CNECloneFan
    You’re a terrible terrible person.
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    2. CNECloneFan
      You know very little about me, other than the fact that we (God Forbid) disagree on politics. I urge you to stop assigning strict moral judgement to political disagreement.

      Knee-jerk demonization is a mistake.
      Jul 5, 2019
  16. Cat Stevens
    Cat Stevens NateTheBoss
    You’re a real scumbag.
  17. Knownothing
    Knownothing Stereotype
    My nephew played at Sunrise last season. The academics are comical
  18. clone4life82
    clone4life82 Cy4Lifer
    Larch Cunningham unite!
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  19. clone4life82
    clone4life82 NickTheGreat
    Saw your post on the dorm thread... we probably crossed paths a few times as I was in first floor larch in 2001.
  20. crash_zone
    crash_zone Cycsk
    I bought football tickets from you a few years ago - wondering if you will have any available this year at the same location? The first row in the balcony was great for kids - and I'll be bringing even more along this time.