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  1. Lineup
    Lineup Team Closet
    shirts ,hats ,visors would be nice
  2. CycloneRulzzz
    CycloneRulzzz bawbie
    Thanks for the support in the cave today.
  3. CyJack2299
    Let's go, Friend of Friends!
  4. scronbau
    scronbau yler4cy
    I'd be interested in the RV pass. I'm in the OP's group. Trying to assess our options for this year. Would our group be interested in a car pass swap?
  5. IndyClone15
    IndyClone15 GTO
    Just read the Hawkeyes NBA thread. That made my day. Never stop posting.
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  7. RRRunotEntertained
    RRRunotEntertained onlyspringers
    Not sure why you disliked my post. I’m disappointed we are being controlled by a mvc team on our home floor with a chance to go to the sweet 16.
  8. cyclone618
    cyclone618 2Xclone
    I'll take the ticket for tonight's NCAA game if you still have it.
  9. cycloneshort
    cycloneshort acrozier22
    Still have two tickets available for session 2 in Des Moines?
    1. acrozier22
      Sent you a message. Still available. Text or email me.
      Mar 18, 2019
  10. Tri
  11. bosco
    bosco EJ4CY
    How much for the tix and are you in the P&l?
    1. EJ4CY
      sorry I missed you, I sold them at 1 that day. HOpe you had a good tourney!
      Mar 20, 2019
  12. Cbbjunkie
    12 years Season Ticket Holder
  13. CloneRaider
    CloneRaider kcclones
    Have you sold the 2 lowers?
    1. kcclones
      I still have them. Answering a couple people now but as of now have them
      Mar 11, 2019
    2. imaclone2
      I want them. When can we meet and wherr?
      Mar 14, 2019
  14. CloneRaider
    CloneRaider Fanacys
    Do you still have them?
  15. barometriclow
    barometriclow psychlone99
    Will you take $30 for two?
  16. Jill Holland
    Jill Holland
    ISU Alumni and fanatic
  17. RogueMongoose
    Always loyal, always faithful. GO STATE
  18. doc86
    doc86 Cydkar
  19. doc86
    doc86 Cydkar
    Do you still have the Texas Tech tickets? I am interested in two.
    1. Cydkar
      I do have all 4. If you want 2 just give me your email and I'll send a paypal money request and send 2 tickets.
      Mar 6, 2019
  20. SCyclone
    SCyclone ImJustKCClone
    I have NWICY's tickets for Saturday. It's Senior Day - duh! - so I am wondering how early I should plan on getting there. I would like to see all the festivities, and I'm betting you've had some experience with this. TIA