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  1. CyFan03
    CyFan03 rochclone
    Would you take $50 for your 2 tickets in section 232 for today's OSU game?
  2. TheJackWePack5
    TheJackWePack5 LotB6
    Interested in tickets!
  3. rhoho
    Future Season Ticket Holder
  4. cyclone4L
    cyclone4L Cydkar
    Hey CydKar, I am interested in the OSU tickets
  5. rochclone
    rochclone CYEATHAWK
    I would do $280 for the Oklahoma State/ISU game in Section 132, Row 9. I can transfer the tickets electronically. Please let me know.
    CYEATHAWK rochclone
    Hi. We had such a great time at the Kansas game and we see your selling another set. Will you take 280?
  7. Final42b
    Final42b Cat Stevens
    This guy is a moron
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    2. Cat Stevens
      Cat Stevens
      I guess I should defer to your expertise on the subject.
      Jan 13, 2019 at 6:30 PM
  8. JaCyn
    JaCyn Doc
    Sorry but even after quite sometime still a bit of a noob. So in response to your post" what's up?"
  9. domisgod
    domisgod CapnCy
    I need your full name & an email address where you’d like the tickets sent.
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    2. CapnCy
      I sent you a private convo
      Jan 12, 2019
  10. cybandrules
    cybandrules Cydkar
    Interested in your tickets for KSU
    1. Cydkar
      Jan 11, 2019
  11. CNECloneFan
    CNECloneFan UnCytely

    You and I probably disagree on everything regarding politics. But I bet we could sit down over a few beers and have fun arguing about it. As 2 decent people.

    Don't let the ******** bully you off of the site.
  12. CycloneDaddy
    CycloneDaddy discydisc
    My road conference win comment was a play off of last night where the tv guy thought we hadnt won on the road yet. I know we beat Okie Lite on the road.
  13. SCyclone
    SCyclone SaraV
    Can you tell me where the ticket exchange is? I'd like to look for available tickets to MBB games. Thanks!
  14. CNECloneFan
    CNECloneFan bawbie
    Honest question - and i don't know if you were the one who deleted my post. But look at the nasty, personal abuse heaped upon posters in the cave. How is the tern "ahole" crossing the line?

    I mean, if "Ahole" is too far, I accept it. I should do better. I will try to remember. But just look at what people do in there...
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  15. INCyclone
    INCyclone Gary_ISU
    Check out Destin, FL about 73 miles East. White sand, VERY family friendly (cops patrolling the beach last time we were there for spring break!) I've been there about 15 times. LOVE IT!
  16. Cyforce
    Cyforce flycy
    So you don't think Brackins was a candy ass?
  17. isumills
    isumills soccercy
    Are the tickets for Kansas game still available? I will give you what you’re asking and be able to pick up in Waukee tonight
  18. cdekovic
    cdekovic HappyJoe
    I live in Ames and work in DSM. Would be in DSM until about 4:00 Friday. Can meet Saturday between 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm.
    1. HappyJoe
      I have purchased tickets elsewhere sorry
      Jan 3, 2019
  19. Raiders70
    Raiders70 acrozier22
    Tickets still available for KU?
  20. HappyJoe
    HappyJoe cdekovic
    I would like to buy your Kansas tickets. I can meet in DSM area this evening, tomorrow night, Saturday morning or Ames anytime before the game. 641-295-1345