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  1. Urbana Clone
    Urbana Clone KLP630
    I will take the tickets and will send out a certified check today. I will need your address, you can text tickets to 319-573-5262. Thanks
  2. ThatllDoCy
    ThatllDoCy Cyclonepride
    On a personal note, I hope you stay off the heaters. They ended my Father-Laws life at 62, and now he won't be around to teach my son to read greens. Lord knows he was much better than I at it. Hopefully, you get many more years.
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  3. cycoticfan
    cycoticfan cyclonewoes
    Still looking for G6 pass?
  4. HollyFitch
    HollyFitch tay2015
    If you still have the G6 parking pass I can go to 350.00
  5. Angie
    Angie cyrocksmypants
    Dude, I have to keep our sitch on the DL, don't I? I have to keep it low-key. ;)
  6. Urbana Clone
    Urbana Clone kirk89gt
    Interested in the ISU/UNI tickets
  7. javy29sp
  8. theCyONE
    theCyONE javy29sp
    I have one but couldn't use one for my family. What sounds fair.
    1. javy29sp
      It sold.
      Aug 15, 2017
  9. cllions05
    cllions05 rochclone
    Still have those iowa tickets available?
  10. cyfan92
    cyfan92 jl112481
    I'm interested in the UNI tickets for your advertised price
  11. imaclone2
    imaclone2 jl112481
    I'll buy the 4 tickets to the UNI game and parking pass if you still have them. Please email me at thanks
  12. GM4ISU
    GM4ISU hoosman
    you can have for $500
    1. hoosman
      OK. Give me a call when you have a chance. 319.759.7084 Matt
      Aug 8, 2017
  13. clones11
    clones11 GM4ISU
    i would also bid for the tickets. What are you asking? Love to take my son to his first game
  14. Tedcyclone
    Tedcyclone GM4ISU
    I want the tickets.. Thanks.
  15. mark46
    mark46 cyups2323
    I'm asking $200.00 Total, for all 4 tickets.
    2 tickets to ISU vs. UNI, and 2 tickets to ISU vs Hoks (4 total tickets for $200.)
    I've had some interest so far, so don't delay.
    I'm soon going to list each game separately, on craigslist ,and I will be asking more, at that time.
    Let me know ASAP
  16. Cyrugby
    Cyrugby rochclone
    Interested in 2 ISU Iowa football tickets, PM me price.
  17. mark46
    mark46 jjisu
    Tickets are in section L row 15.

  18. mitten1975
    mitten1975 CNECloneFan
    I admit it, missed hearing from you in these days that you have been gone. You keep things from getting boring. Otherwise I just go on there to get the latest news and gossip.
  19. SCarolinaCy
    SCarolinaCy isutoad
    "....check with me in June and I might have two good seats for sale. Probable $150.00 to $200.00 each but prime seats." Am Interested in UNI and Iowa package tickets. Two each game.
  20. spierceisu
    spierceisu ChrisMWilliams
    I believe you had mentioned that you were looking for ideas for the next Off the Record Podcast. I think it would be cool to have Jamie Pollard on. I always like to hear him talk and with the start of football season coming up, it may be fun to hear some of the new things going on in the athletic department.
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