About Us

What is Cyclone Fanatic?

CycloneFanatic.com is a community of the most loyal and passionate people you will ever find. Sure, the website’s faithful bleed cardinal and gold and we discuss all things Iowa State, but Cyclone fans are about so much more! You’ll be intrigued to know that the most popular portion of CycloneFanatic.com is the Off Topic forum, where fans discuss anything that is on their minds at the time.

Our Mission:

CycloneFanatic.com is dedicated to being the #1 website in the world devoted to Iowa State athletics. CycloneFanatic.com is 100 percent FREE to our users and that will continue.

Chris Williams, CF Publisher:

Chris is the hardest working sports publisher in the state of Iowa. When it comes to Iowa State athletics, you won’t have to look hard to find Chris. He’s on the website daily, talking on local sports radio, pacing the sidelines of sporting events and in the front row of every press conference (now that’s dedication). Chris is a 2007 graduate of Iowa State’s Greenlee School of Journalism. Chris has been covering the Cyclones in one way or another since the year 2004.

Site Revision:

In November 2009, CycloneFanatic.com was redesigned to provide more content to engage our Fanatics. Since the revised website launch, CycloneFanatic.com has averaged over 100,000 unique visitors and 7.9 million page views a month.

Cyclone Fanatic History:

CycloneFanatic.com was started in 2005 and is operated by an ownership group led by Jason Loutsch with his partners Brian Lazear, Matt Lazear and Chris Williams. All four are passionate supporters of Iowa State athletics.