What we know about Iowa State in CFB 25

EA Sports released a new deep dive trailer on Dynasty mode as well as a 17,000-word preview (I have another blog on the way on this) of its new ‘College Football 25’ title slated to release two weeks from today.

Here’s everything I know about Iowa State’s involvement in the game – feel free to message me on Twitter (@cfchangs9) or by email ([email protected]) with anything you may see or questions you have over the next two weeks and I’ll update the article/do my best to answer your questions. Hopefully — most of them are answered here below in the same spot.

I would also implore you to follow Matt Brown (@MattBrownEP) on Twitter if you’re interested in more updates – he runs a blog/site that has been tracking news and updates surrounding this game extensively over the last couple of years. A joy to follow.


Of the few screengrabs and videos that have been released for the game that include Iowa State, the Cyclones’ uniforms are of the design that the team wore from 2019-2023.

I’m not sure about the classic or throwback type of uniforms that will be included in the game, but we can assume Iowa State submitted its previous design anticipating the game release that was originally scheduled for 2023.

Fear not, though – one source told me that EA Sports communicated that any uniform updates can be added to the game in a span of 1-2 weeks in real time and I can confirm that Iowa State submitted its new design and that the new uniforms will be in the game when it is released.

Music/Band songs and sounds

This was a major selling point of the new game that was brought up a lot more before the game’s originally-planned 2023 release. Thanks to Matt Brown’s FOIA request, we know all of the submitted sounds that *could* appear in the game.

Among songs included are some my favorites – Juicy Wiggle, Swag Surfin’, Grove Street Party, and the Beer Barrel Polka. The full list from the FOIA requests (that I believe was conducted in 2022) can be seen below. I’m not sure if these are final at all or not either, but the full list can be seen below. Here’s a link to the thread with other programs.

It’s important to note that the licensed songs are not guaranteed to be in the game – EA decided which to get licensing on, so that’s a ‘for what its worth as well.*

Jack Trice Stadium

Obviously in the NCAA 2014 title, the south end zone was not bowled in – it’s safe to assume that it will be in this game. I’m just including this for clarity.

Conference realignment

The game will feature conference realignment with the ability to add up to 20 programs to a conference (up from 16 in the old titles) as well as take any conference down to a minimum of four teams according to the EA release from today. However, the Pac 2 is still in the game as a conference with two teams in it (even though they’re essentially Mountain West members by scheduling), so take that for what it’s worth.

When moving a program to a different conference, their patch logos on the jersey will change along with them. Enjoy this screenshot of Clemson winning the Fiesta Bowl as members of the MAC.

I’ll have more on the specifics of the entire game in a separate blog that’s on the way and as I said before, message me with any questions or comments that you might have.