Big 12 planning to add one more team after Colorado

The Big 12 Conference and University of Colorado announced Thursday that the program would be arriving to the conference at the start the 2024 season.

However, the Big 12 is prepared to add one more team – and solely one more – to put the conference at 14 programs going forward for this round of realignment.

The conference is involved with talks with Arizona, but are prepared to move on if a deal is not reached.

Should it not be Arizona, UConn looks to be the next target.

The move looks to be more strategic, with the potential ACC shakeup coming down the road and current TV deal for the Big 12.

The thinking would be to secure another program in a move to either weaken the PAC 12 more by adding Arizona – or another school from the conference – or adding the prestige of the basketball league by adding the 2023 champions.

Wherever it ends up, and it could change quickly, the conference looks to be in a steady spot under commissioner Brett Yormark.