‘It’s gonna be really fun,’ Tamin Lipsey talks incoming transfers on Corner 3

Iowa State point guard Tamin Lipsey talked about the trio of incoming transfers on the latest episode of the Corner 3 podcast presented by Mechdyne.

“Yeah, I think it’s gonna be really fun,” Lipsey said. “TJ did a great job. I’m going to get into guys that he wanted. I think they’re gonna fit well with our program and our culture that we’re building. There guys that are going to
work hard. Do whatever it needs to be done to win. I think that’s the main point. TJ just wants dudes that are gonna come in here and compete.”

The Cyclones will see Keshon Gilbert, Jackson Paveletzke and Curtis Jones each arrive in Ames over the summer to get prepared for the 2022-23 season.

“Besides that, they’re all very gifted offensively,” Lipsey said. “So I think that will help us a lot next year, scoring the ball, and then defensively they all have that, that Knack too. So I’d say, you know, they’re, they all can handle the ball well, so that that’ll take some pressure off of me.”

Lipsey touched on the situation that put him in position to be the No. 1 point guard as a true freshman last season, as well.

“I know this last year, I was sort of the main point guard, I would say, obviously, Jared handled the ball also too, but with Jeremiah getting hurt and made it more pressure on us to handle the ball didn’t have a lot of guards that could do that,” Lipsey said. “So next year, just looking to you know, have other guys that can step up and handle the ball and not just have one person you know, that has to run things. So just being able to play with pace and attack offensively, I think that’s what we’re looking for.”

You can listen to the full episode of the Corner 3 podcast here.