Iowa State closes out NCAA Wrestling Championships with Carr and Coleman on the podium

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Iowa State ended its run at the 2023 NCAA Wrestling Championships with a runner-up finish from David Carr at 165 pounds and a fifth-place finish from Marcus Coleman at 184 pounds.

Championship Match

In their third matchup in the last month, Carr and Missouri’s No. 2 Keegan O’Toole met on the biggest stage in college wrestling.

Unfortunately for the Cyclone, he fell to O’Toole 8-2. This brought him his only loss of the season to finish 27-1 overall. But, regardless of the loss, Carr continues to make a difference in the record books. He became Iowa State’s first two-time NCAA finalist since Jake Varner (2007-10).

Coleman closed his Cyclone career

Coleman’s six years as a Cyclone came to a close on Saturday when he finished in fifth place.

He went head-to-head with NC State’s No. 2 Trent Hidlay in the consolation semifinals and lost 5-2. Due to a medical forfeit from Trey Munoz, this earned Coleman a fifth-place finish in his final NCAA run.

The Ames native ends his career with an impressive two-time All-American finish.

Overall, Iowa State finished the tournament in 11th place with 47.0 team points. The Cyclone’s best finish since 2013.

Listen to what the Cyclone had to say about his time as a Cyclone:

Listen to Coach Derek St. John talk about Coleman’s impact and what it’s been like to see him grow into the high-caliber athlete he became:

Listen to Kevin Dresser give his thoughts on David Carr runner-up finish, Coleman’s impact, and more:

Full Iowa State Results
133: No. 14 
Zach Redding – DNP
First Round: W-D, 7-2 vs. Domenic Zaccone (CAMP)
Second Round: L-MD, 12-4 vs. Vito Arujau (CORN)
Consolation Second Round: W-MD, 11-3 vs. Angelo Rini (COL)
Consolation Third Round: W-D, 5-3 SV-1 vs. Cody Phippen (AF)
Round of 12: L-MD, 12-0 vs. Aaron Nagao (MINN)

141: No. 24 Casey Swiderski – DNP
First Round: L-D, 4-1 vs. Mosha Schwartz (OU)
Consolation First Round: W-D, 7-3 vs. Carmen Ferrante (PENN)
Consolation Second Round: WBF (6:48) vs. Vince Cornella (CORN)
Consolation Third Round: W-D, 10-5 vs. Frankie Tal Shahar (NW)

Round of 12: LBF (6:05) vs. Parker Filius (PUR)

149: No. 5 Paniro Johnson – DNP
First Round: W-D, 2-2 TB-1 (RT) vs. Alec Hagan (OHIO)
Second Round: L-D, 14-8 vs. Shayne Van Ness (PSU)
Consolation Second Round: L-D, 3-2 vs. Doug Zapf (PENN)

157: No. 25 Jason Kraisser – DNP
First Round: L-D, 5-3 vs. Ed Scott (NCST)
Consolation First Round: W-D, 7-2 vs. Tommy Askey (APP)
Consolation Second Round: WBF (2:06) Kaden Gfeller (OSU)
Consolation Third Round: L-MD, 10-1 vs. Vinny Zerban (UNCO)

165: No. 1 David Carr– 2nd Place
First Round: W-MD, 10-2 vs. Josh Kim (HARV)
Second Round: W-MD, 15-4 vs. Austin Yant (UNI)
Quarterfinals: W-D, 2-1 vs. Shane Griffith (STAN)
Semifinals: W-D, 6-5 vs. Quincy Monday (PRIN)
Finals: L-D, 8-2 vs. Keegan O’Toole (MIZ)

184: No. 5 Marcus Coleman – 5th Place
First Round: W-MD, 12-3 Jacob Ferreira (HOF)
Second Round: W-D, 2-1 TB-1 vs. Abe Assad (IOWA)
Quarterfinals: L-D, 3-1 SV-1 vs. Trey Munoz (ORST)
Round of 12: W-D, 4-3 vs. Matt Finesilver (Michigan)
Round of 8: WBF (2:43) vs. Will Feldkamp (CLAR)
Consolation semifinals: L-D, 5-2 vs. Trent Hidlay (NCST)
Fifth-Place Match: W-MFF vs. Trey Munoz (ORST)

197: No. 13 Yonger Bastida – DNP
First Round: W-D, 5-2 vs. Evan Bockman (UVU)
Second Round: L-D, 3-1 vs. Ethan Laird (RID)
Consolation Second Round: W-D, 3-1 vs. Andrew Davison (NW)
Consolation Third Round: L-D, 2-1 vs. Michael Beard (LEH)

285: No. 8 Sam Schuyler – DNP
First Round: W-D, 4-2 vs. Michael Wolfgram (WVU)
Second Round: L-D, 2-1 vs. Lucas Davison (NW)
Consolation Second Round: W-D, 3-2 vs. Jacob Bullock (IND)
Consolation Third Round: W-D, 4-2 vs. Josh Heindselman (OU)
Round of 12: L-D, 3-1 SV-1 vs. Trent Hillger (WIS)

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