Foster speaks publicly about his dismissal from Iowa State for the first time

Earlier this week, former Iowa State basketball player Xavier Foster was confirmed to no longer be a suspect in a sexual assault case stemming from an incident in 2020.

On Thursday, the Oskaloosa native spoke publicly about his dismissal from the team in the fall. He also released a public statement in writing that included:

“Xavier left ISU’s basketball program for a combination of reasons that impacted his ability to put forth his best effort, including a change in coaching staff, medical issues and stress related to the start of the investigation.”

Foster was insistent on the ongoing case not contributing to his release from the basketball program.

He said he had built up a rapport with coach TJ Otzelberger.

“It wasn’t the case that I was released for,” Foster said. “With my foot being injured… I showed up late to practice and tutoring… I would have been released either way.”

Foster said that he doesn’t have any ill will towards the university, but he has also not been in contact with the staff at Iowa State.

“No, things happen,” Foster said. “There’s still things that need to be fixed and arranged. There’s no hate there, though.”

Foster said that he is exploring his options to play basketball with the rest of his collegiate eligibility.

In his time at Iowa State, the 7-footer appeared in seven games for the Cyclones while being limited with the previously mentioned foot injury. He averaged 4.0 points and 1.7 rebounds per game.