CFTV: Matt Campbell & Cyclone players preview West Virginia

A couple of days following what could be considered Iowa State’s most complete game of the season, Matt Campbell along with a select group of players addressed the media to look at Saturday’s opponent, West Virginia.

One message stood out, however, from the press conference as Matt Campbell was asked about his views on multi-sport athletes.

Campbell touched on a plethora of other things, per usual.

The session included a little bit on guys like Marcel Spears and Nate Scheelhaase and what they mean to the program. Not to mention a bit on the Cyclones getting back to having fun as a team.

One of the biggest topics on Tuesday was that of the rushing prowess that Iowa State quarterback brings to the team.

Offensive lineman Collin Olson said depending on the play, Brock Purdy makes it easy to block for while sometimes it can be really difficult because he never knows where Purdy is going to bounce out too.

Running back Johnnie Lang was back in front of the cameras as well.

After all, he did just come off of a game with the highest amount of carries any Cyclone has had this season. Lang saw 16 rushing attempts against TCU.

When the quarterback runs as effectively as Purdy does, though, it takes a little bit of the pressure off of Lang, who’s trying to win that starting spot in the back field.

Purdy, meanwhile, talked about his game and how it relates to one of his childhood heroes – Tim Tebow.

Campbell addressed this as well, but West Virginia quarterback Austin Kendall has thrown for nine touchdowns and seven interceptions through the first five games of the season.

In the Mountaineers matchup on Saturday with Texas, the Longhorns forced four of those interceptions on Kendall.

Marcel Spears says he doesn’t expect anything to come easy, however. He spoke about how his team limits their mistakes and learns from them, and he expects the same from a quarterback like Kendall.

Iowa State and West Virginia will match up from Morgantown at 3:00 p.m. CT on Saturday afternoon. The game is scheduled to be televised on ESPN.