Biggest weight gains/losses from 2018-19

Comparing the end of last year’s roster to what Iowa State has put out for upcoming fall camp. 


WR Joseph Scates: 181 to 196. (+15 lbs.)

Any time a young wide receiver puts on weight, it’s a positive. Scates has the physical tools to be successful. He will play behind Tarique Milton this year, but that doesn’t mean he won’t see the field. Don’t be surprised if he sneaks in a touchdown or two this season.

 TE Jared Rus 208 to 232 (+24 lbs.)

As a walk-on, Rus is showing that he is committed to the program by doing the dirty work. Putting on 24 pounds in one summer is no joke.

OL Robert Hudson 320 to 335 (+15 lbs.)

Hudson is currently behind Josh Knipfel on the depth chart. With Knipfel being a senior, the future at guard is in good hands with Hudson, who is the currently the biggest lineman on the depth chart.

F/TE Ben Latusek 262 to 248 (-14 lbs.)

That isn’t a typo. Latusek has slimmed down after transitioning from defensive end to the fullback/tight end hybrid role. Latusek will be one of the unsung heroes of the season as he can play either position. Latusek was also an offensive lineman in high school, so run blocking skills are his strength.

OL Julian Good-Jones 296 to 308 (+12 lbs.)

As a lineman playing in the Big 12, being above that 300-pound threshold is something that can’t be overstated. Being a senior protecting the blindside of Brock Purdy who could help his future draft stock.


 DE Cordarrius Bailey 224 to 235 (+11 lbs.)

Bailey played primarily on special teams last year and could find himself on the field during passing situations being how quick he is off the edge.

LB Mike Rose 228 to 240 (+12 lbs.)

Rose is one of the anchors on a loaded Cyclone defense. Rose played well even at 228 last year, accounting for recording 75 total tackles as a freshman. Another year of growth on top of playing with a little more weight behind his pads. Watch out.

 DB Anthony Johnson 173 to 186 (+13 lbs.)

Johnson returns as the left side cornerback and is primed for an even better season than last. Johnson is only a sophomore and adding this weight can make playing against some of the stud wide receivers in the conference a little easier.

LB Chandler Pulvermacher 204 to 223 (+19 lbs.)

There is a youth movement at the strong-side linebacker position this year for Coach Campbell. On the two-deep depth chart released is has Will McDonald as the starter along with Pulvermacher backing him up. Both are redshirt freshman. Pulvermacher will see the field this season and being almost 20 pounds heavier should pay dividends for the young linebacker.

DE Zach Petersen 236 to 262 (+26 lb.)

Petersen is backing up a Cyclone legend in the making on the edge. JaQuan Bailey is tied for the most sacks in a career for a Cyclone and if everything falls into place he should shatter that. Petersen is only a sophomore and is preparing to fill that role when Bailey graduates, Petersen gained 26 pounds! He is chomping at the bit to get his chance.

SS Tory Spears 183 to 200 (+17 lbs.)

Last year, Spears won Scout Team Special Teams Player of the Year. That is proof enough the Spears is a special athlete with great positional range on the field. Spears originally came to ISU as a WR but has since moved to strong safety which makes the weight jump so important. The strong safety position currently has three OR’s, meaning that job is up for grabs between Spears, Bickham, and last year’s starter Braxton Lewis.


Brandon Albaugh